Shadoe Rose: Part SixteenMature

April 21, 1725


                As I read through the book Charlotte gave to me, my mind kept wandering back to the same poem, or spell however it may be. Tis a spell of the future and love. On the night of a full moon, if I set a place for a large meal of raw beef, fresh greens, and an apple, then fill a gold goblet with red wine, then pull out the chair, open the door and call for someone to enter my home, I will see the man that I will marry.

                I know not why this particular spell is keeping hold of my mind and thoughts, yet I know that I will not be able to leave it alone until I try it. I shall try it tonight after my family has gone to bed. I can take a piece of raw meat from the kitchen, where the cook has lain out the meat for tomorrow’s breakfast, and everything else shall be just as easy to find.

The End

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