Shadoe Rose: Part SixMature

April 19, 1725


                I now know what the remaining skeletons are. Going from the right side of the human skeleton, they are a dolphin, a wolf, a tiger, a shark, the head and trunk of an elephant, a giant snake, and a giant lizard from the Far East. These are my new companions in my hideaway.

                Unlike my sisters, their presence does not unsettle me, but fills me with peace. I feel happier when I am with them. Tis when I am away that I feel unsettled. There is something here that makes me feel better, more myself. I am not sure what it is, but I intend to find out. Mayhap I can harness it and return it to the manor with me.



                I am not sure why, but I feel I must name my new companions. Instead of having to think about what to call them, names simply flow from my mind to my pen.

                Human: Charlotte

                Dolphin: Delphi

                Wolf: Franc

                Tiger: Leona

                Shark: Shaine

                Elephant: Elena

                Snake: Basilisk

                Lizard: Wyvern


                I know not where these names came from, but they each fit my companions. Mayhap they will be livelier now that they are named. Twould be nice if they would talk back sometimes.

                I wonder what Dimitri would think of my hideaway and my new companions. Would he welcome them as I do? Or would he scorn as I know the rest of my family would do if they knew? I voiced my concern to my companions, and was quickly filled with a sense of dread at telling Dimitri. Nay, he need not know about this. Tis not for him to know or to see. Ever.

The End

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