Shadoe Rose: Part FiveMature

April 18, 1725


                Taking a shovel out to the woods with me today was harder than I thought it would be, but I finally managed it after father called the servants all to the parlor for a meeting. He thinks that they are becoming too lazy in this new country. It was during this meeting that I slipped into the garden house to grab a shovel, and then left for the woods.

                The way out to my hideaway seemed longer than yesterday, but mayhap twas for the unaccustomed weight of the shovel in my hands. If I come out here again tomorrow, I must borrow a smaller outfit from Dimitri. Mother scolded me in her sighing voice yesterday when I returned home with dirt on my hem. She says that a “proper lady” does not gallivant around the countryside in her gowns. Well, I am not a proper lady, and my gowns would not become dirty if she would let me wear clothing like that of my brothers’.

                I shall write more after I see what lies beneath the mounds around the clearing.



                Bones! Bones lie beneath the mounds around the clearing. There were six mounds, and six different skeletons from six different creatures. I could easily tell which of the six was human. The bones are long and slender, and the skull grinned back at me with a full smile and gaping black eyes. Though twas eerie, twas also beautiful at the same time. There was a…morbid beauty of the skeletons, each one grinning at me from their grave. I know not what the other five are, but I shall return tomorrow with Jacques’ anatomy book. Jacques is younger than I by a year and eight months.

                I did not rebury the skeletons today for multiple reasons. One, I wish to know what my companions were while they were living, and two, now that I have uncovered them, I wish to leave them in the open to converse with me.

The End

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