Shadoe Rose: Part TwoMature

"Do you think we should start reading the journal?" Selena asked as she sat down next to Andrew on his bed.

"Now's as good a time as any," he answered as he stretched and put his arm around her shoulders.

She smiled and leaned against him, one hand supporting the book, and the other pressed against the cover, fingers curled beneath the purple cover. Selena lifted the cover of the journal, and for a small second, the candle on Andrew's dresser flickered and almost blew out.

"Spooky," Andrew said as he watched the tiny flame shrink down to nothing, then leap back to normal size.

Selena tucked her hair behind her ear, the candlelight dancing across her face. "I can't read this, it's all in French."

Andrew leaned over her shoulder and looked down at the page, the edges turned yellow from age. "Great-great-great Grandma Shadoe had really fancy handwriting," he observed as he looked the age filled with neat handwriting that was a mixture between print and cursive calligraphy.

"So what does Shadoe Rose have to say?" Selena asked, her curiosity beginning to show through.

Andrew laughed and pulled the book into his lap. "Today we moved to America from France. I miss my home. America is a young county full of new promise, but at the same time, tis a young country full of old hatreds and superstitions. No one knows this, but we had to leave France because my father lost everything. And since America is a country for new beginnings, we came here. My mother did not lose her inheritance from her parents, and that money was enough for us, and our servants, to journey here and to build a large manor similar to the one in France."

"Is this all there is?" Selena asked, disappointment coloring her voice even though she tried to disguise it.

Andrew flipped forward a few pages before stopping on one, this one with a date and strange symbol drawn at the top. "This one sounds promising," he said as he leaned back against the wall next to his bed, gently pulling Selena with him. She leaned her head against his chest as he pulled the book closer.

The End

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