Shades of GreyMature

All through school kids used to call her the psychotic version of the fairy tale princess Snow White. But when Alex Lavenfield is drugged with an unknown substance and carried away to a secluded place in the middle of the dense Canadian country she will find out just how very different she really is becoming.
Shades of Grey is a romantic nail bitter that will carry you on the characters backs into tears, laughter, anger and the wilderness hidden under thair human skins.

  People called me the psychotic version of the fairy tale Snow White. They had all grown up reading the story; following it up dressing up as princesses and throwing on tacky plastic tiaras. But I was the real Snow White, the only girl who ever talked to the animals or actually ran into the forest when I was scared or confused. It was a comforting sanctuary at the time.  And, although I never met up with any dumpy looking miner dwarfs, I was content staying there for hours running threw the thick brush by myself. I was also content enough to each my lunch secluded in the cubical beside the tampon disposal in the girls washroom.

     I was always the strangest child in my class. I had been strange I figured since I was just a baby. From the time I could walk I wished to be naked as a jay bird. When my parents tried to cloth me I screamed and threw myself to the floor in fits of rage. Then I came to an age where I could begin feeding myself. My parents concern was not only for my tempers now, but for my refusal of meat in my diet. No matter how much they tried to hide it in my foods; small and hard to find or ground up into a thick brown mush, it would never pass my lips. The doctors didn't understand any of it, so they gave me supplements. I ate so well on my steady diet of fruits and vegetables, that even the supplements became unnesesary. They made my stomach feel thick and sloshy, soI began refusing them too.


The End

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