Chapter 13Mature

Chapter 13

Georgia Agana was in her early forties with an hourglass figure and dark brown curls. Georgia was married with a six year old daughter and employed at her local job centre. Despite being made nervous by the recent murders of job centre employees, she was nevertheless determined not to quit. Although her husband did earn a steady income as a gardener, this was nowhere near sufficient for both of them to live on.


When Georgia recieved the first note, she took it immediately to her local police station, accompanied by her husband. After consulting with the FBI, the Sherrif gave Georgia police protection 24/7. Michael, Veronica, Alfred and Roxanne pulled out all the stops, taking it in turns to work overtime on the case.


He was starting to grow frustrated. It was impossible to go anywhere near Georgia given that she was constantly guarded. As usual, he managed to follow her and photograph her at a distance, even slip her the death quotations but this time kidnap would be out of the question. It was far too risky. His best chance would be to slip in while Georgia slept. It no longer mattered if he had to kill her husband and the guards as well.


A loud smashing sound awoke Mr and Mrs Agana as they slept. Pulling on their dressing gowns, the couple rushed downstairs to find one of the two guards in the sitting room. The window was smashed and a brick lay on the floor. The guard explained that the other one had gone out to see who had done this.


When he saw that the police guards, Georgia and her husband were all distracted by what had happened at the front of the house, he slipped round to the back door. He picked the lock and crept in. Glancing at the stove, he decided to cause another diversion by turning on the gas and not lighting it. He then concealed himself in a closet.


"Is something burning?" asked one of the guards.

"I don't think so". Georgia went into the kitchen to check, her back to the closet.

"That's srange. I don't remember turning it on". As she reached out to turn off the cooker, she felt herself grabbed from behind. One hand covered her mouth while the other held a knife at her throat.

The End

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