Chapter 12Mature

Chapter 12

Veronica massaged her temples in frustration. The four of them; Alfred, Roxanne, Michael and herself had been assigned by their boss to the Gazini Jang murder case and had also been directed to investigate into the disappearances of Aleesha and Cecilia. Not only had the corpses of the two women turning up made them feel like failures but it was late, she still had a mountain of paperwork and was now suffering from eyestrain and headache.

Michael came to the door. "That's enough for now Ronnie."

She sighed but heeded his words and pushed the remaining paperwork to one side.

"I've got a splitting headache" she groaned.

Michael sat next to her. "I can take care of that." He put his fingers on her temples and started massaging them in small circles. "Better?"

"A bit".

Michael took a pot of Vicks from the desk drawer, smeared his fingers with them and kneaded her forehead.

"Much better, thanks."

Michael leaned in and softly kissed Veronica on the lips. She looked taken aback at his action for a second but then she leaned in and started kissing him back.

The End

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