Chapter 11Mature

Chapter 11

The intercom buzzed and Aaron Fyre pressed it.


"There's an important phone call for you Sir".

"Thanks Gwen". Aaron picked up the phone. "FBI field office, New Haven Connecticut, Aaron Fyre speaking. How can I help?"

"This is Sherrif Walters."

"Good morning Sherrif. Nice to hear from you. How can I help you?"

"You may have read about the Gazini Jang murder case in the newspapers."

"I have Sherrif, yes."

"This is for the moment completely unofficial but two other job centre employees were stalked and have now disappeared."

"Good God."

"As the Sherrif I feel it is now my duty to call in the FBI."

"You're quite right Sherrif. I'll get some of my best agents on this right away."

"Thanks Aaron and any assistance I and my deputies can give, we would be happy to."

"Yes, of course. Thank you."


Aleesha came to and found herself lying on a bed in some kind of basement. She looked over and saw her sister fast asleep on the other side. Feeling something cold and metallic against her skin, she unbuttoned her blouse a little and saw a stethoscope portion tightly connected to her heart, recording her every heartbeat. This alone made her heartbeat accelerate. She got off the bed and glanced round. A door led into a bathroom but there were bars over the window. Seeing a flight of steps at the far end of the room, Aleesha, tired as she was started to climb them but the door at the top was locked. She beat upon it and called for help until she was worn out.

When Aleesha finally came down her sister stirred and awoke.

"What happened?"

She sat up slowly.

"I think we've been kidnapped."

Cecilia also unbuttoned her top few buttons and glanced down.

"What is this?"

"I have one too. I think it's some tracking device but let us be thankful that we are not tied up or handcuffed.

Cecilia nodded.

They both buttoned up their blouses once more.

"How's your ankle?"

"I don't know." Cecilia gingerly touched it. It still felt a bit tender. "Still painful."

"There's no way out. The main door is locked and there are bars over the bathroom window."

Glancing round Aleesha noticed a tray with some tomatoes, apples, cranberries and water.

She pointed to it. "We might as well eat. I'm hungry".

The End

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