Chapter 10Mature

Chapter 10

Cecilia and Aleesha made their report to the police and gave them all the evidence. The police took everything very seriously, advising Cecilia to keep someone with her at all times. He loitered near the police station, doing his best to appear as a casual civilian. When the two women left, he followed discreetly at a distance, listening to their conversation. He knew it would be impossible to abduct Cecilia just yet. She would now always have her sister or someone else with her at all times. He would have to think through his next move.


Aleesha set off to the job centre. She and Cecilia worked in the same building though they had different offices. Opening her office door she almost trod on a plain white envelope that had been pushed under the door. The flap of the envelope was tucked neatly under it. Aleesha opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper. It had written on it one of the same quotations her sister had recieved. She shuddered but also felt a ray of hope. If this was written by her sister's stalker but to her it surely meant that he or she had given up pursuing her sister. On the other hand he or she had targetted her now and it was unlikely the cuplrit had left any fingerprints. The evidence they had taken to the police had all been dusted unsucessfully for fingerprints.


Over the next few weeks Aleesha just like Cecilia started recieving the same notes and photographs. Although they followed police advice and always went everywhere together or with someone they knew and trusted, not much else happened. They continued to be careful just in case. One evening, when they were returning home, Cecilia and Aleesha heard the sound of a harp and stopped to listen. Intrigued, and somehow drawn by the music, they followed. A figure in a long dark cloak was sitting on the steps of the church, playing a harp. The music stopped as Cecilia and Aleesha approached. They looked embarassed. Cecilia spoke first.

"I'm sorry we disturbed you".

The figure inclined its head.

"You play beautifully" Aleesha added.

The figure gave another nod.

Aleesha reached out. "Can we?"

It shook its head violently.

Aleesha came closer and knelt down by the harp.

"It is a beautful harp."

She reached out to touch it and then drew back with a cry. Her hand was bleeding.

The spell appeared to be broken. Cecilia went over to her.

"Come, let us tend to that cut." She glanced at the cloaked, hooded figure.

"Goodbye. Do continue playing."

As she turned, it stuck out its foot and she stumbled and fell. At once Aleesha was by her side.

"Are you hurt."

Cecilia tried to stand but wobbled and sat down with a cry of pain.

"I think I've twisted my ankle."

The music started once more and the women seemed to forget everything once more. Longer and longer they listened to it. When at last the figure stopped, put away the harp, and held out a hand to each of them, they just took it without a word and disappeared into the night with the unknown stranger.

The End

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