Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4

Kitty Smith, Derric's wife was doing the ironing. Her husband was pacing up and down, massaging his temples as he always did when he was stressed.

"Abayomi identified the body today. It was Gazini." He sighed deeply.

Kitty looked at him through her lovely silvery grey eyes.

"We are trained to deal with murder cases and there are worse ones than these, but..." he broke off, shaking his head. "The thought of the wife and children all on their own."

"I know darling."

Kitty switched off the iron and placed it down on the ironing board. She held open her arms and Derric gladly accepted her embrace.


Aleesha Haemon was a shapely woman with rather a stooped figure and short, blonde-white curls. Like Gazini, Aleesha was another job centre employee. Aleesha had a twin sister who was employed in the same place as her; a plump blonde with the same curly hair, only slightly longer, and glasses. They were not identical twins by any means. Aleesha and Cecilia, as her twin was called lived together in a semi detached house, a few miles away from their place of work.


He watched both Aleesha and Cecilia out of his deep brown slits, pulling his dark cloak tighter round himself for further concealment. He had not decided which of the twins he would target first. As to why he sought out only job centre employees - that was easy. He had long harboured a deep grudge against job centres - when he had applied for allowance, they had pressured and cajoled him, had found fault with him even though he had done everything they had asked him to. He did not forgive or forget. He remembered being told that his skin was always cold, and people shuddered as he walked past them or they walked past him. Vampire mythology fascinated our silent watcher of the night. He often watched and read The Twilight Saga, which was incidentally one of his most prized possessions. Sherlock Holmes's The Last Vampyre also appealed to him.

The End

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