Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

Deputy Derric Smith's cell phone rang out just as he was enjoying a baked potato in a cafe near the police station. He answered. It was Deputy Sophie Webster, who was ringing to tell him that a dog walker had discovered a man's body on the side of a deserted road.

Derric glanced at his potato and then said "Okay, let me just finish my lunch and pay the bill and then I'll be right back at the station."

He turned off his phone.

When he returned to the station, Derric found three other deputies along with the Sherrif and the Chief Deputy in the Sherrif's office. He at once made his presence known and was asked to accompany the others to the crime scene.

"His throat was clearly cut" the chief deputy remarked, observing the body from a short way away, though obviously not touching it. "Strange that the killer bandaged the wound".

"Also" added the Sherrif, "His neck and face especially seem very blue. It's almost as though the murderer drained all the blood out of him after killing him".

Derric made a face when he heard this and even the other deputies looked uncomfortable.

"That might suggest hatred for the victim" pointed out Sophie.

"It would" agreed the chief deputy. "The killer was possibly motivated by hatred, revenge or both."

"There are no signs of a struggle" contrtibuted Derric, "which suggests that the victim was killed elsewhere and brought to this spot."

"Has the victim been identified yet?" asked one of the other deputies.

"Not officially" replied the Sherrif, "though he looks like that job centre employee that went missing a week or so ago."

"I thought that" agreed the chief deputy.

"We will have an announcement made - see if we can get someone to offically identify this man and then take it from there".

The End

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