Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

It was one in the morning. FBI Agent Veronica Kingsley stirred and then woke up. Glancing at the digital clock on her bedside cabinet she wondered what it was that had awakened her. Veronica got out of bed, pulled on her dressing gown and put her feet into her slippers. She shared this house with three other FBI agents; Michael Marsden, Alfred Williams and her best friend Roxanne Clark. She and Roxanne had rooms side by side and the two men had rooms opposite. Opening the door, she was stunned to see Michael in his nightshirt and slippers, sleepwalking into the kitchen. She followed.

"Michael" she whispered. She went up to him and tried to guide him back but he turned and walked past her again. Accidentally cutting his hand on a glass near the sink he jerked awake and looked around in confusion. Veronica went up to him.

"Michael, it's okay. You've been sleepwalking. You had an accident."

She led him to a chair and made him sit down in it. Glancing at his bleeding fingers, she went to get the first aid kit and tended to his hand.


He squeezed Gazini's cut throat until as much blood as possible had escaped it. Now Gazini's neck was a pale blue with bruises flowering the neck. Then, he reluctantly tied a bandage tightly round the wound. Opening Gazini's shirt, he detached the bugged stethoscope portion from his body and put it away for safekeeping. Then the masked man took care to wipe off his fingerprints and discard the cloth. Pulling on a pair of white gloves, he buttoned Gazini's shirt again before carrying the body up the stairs. Dumping the dead man in a wheelbarrow, he wheeled him out to his car and deposited him in the boot. He then drove Gazini out and dumped him on the side of a deserted road before driving off into the night.

The End

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