Shades of CrimsonMature

A job centre is targetted by a deranged man who is obsessed with blood. While his victims vary in gender, race, age etc all of them are job centre employees. What is the connection? FBI agents Michael Marsden and Veronica Kingsley investigate.

Chapter 1

Gazini Jang was locked in the basement of a disused department store. While the store itself was falling to rack and ruin, the basement was secure. Although he was free to move about, he knew that he would never be able to escape. Part of a doctor's stethoscope had been forcefully welded onto his chest, right next to his heart and he knew he could never remove it. It was a tracking device. Strangely enough, this basement had been made comfortable by his crazed captor. A door from the basement led to the shop bathroom but bars had been fitted over the window. The bathroom had been left as it was, except his captor had replaced the white shower curtain, bathmat, towels and hand towels with red ones. A rusty old beadstead covered in scarlett bedding was in the basement as were some hard chairs with cushions. The chairs, originally white had been painted red and the cushion covers were crimson as well.

Gazini remembered only too well how he had been handcuffed to the bedpost for an hour while the man painted the walls. That had been a week ago. Gazini now sat in one of the chairs, too tired and depressed to move. Even in his melancoly, a part of him was fascinated by his captor's obsession with blood. He had asked for something to do, even a book to read but he had been given nothing. Gazini sometimes wondered if the intention was to drive him crazy. He was always brought nourishment twice a day; red wine, tomato or cranberry juice, beetroot, red pepper, red cheese, tomatoes and blood red apples. He was even brought toothpaste and razors though no shaving cream which more or less confirmed Gazini's suspicion that his captor wanted him to bleed.

Gazini knew that he would one day be murdered - he had been told as much by his abductor, who was, Gazini was sure, just playing with him first. He had tried to escape twice before. The first time the alarm on the  door had gone off but his captor had just smiled and said that there was nobody about to hear it. He had been glad in a way when the racket had been stopped by his captor, who swiped his hand with a silver blade as punishment. Gazini noticed that his eyes had glittered at the sight of the blood and it took an effort for him to control the obvious high it had given him.

The second time, he had caught a splinter in his hand and as the blood rushed out, he had been surprised when his captor had collected it in a bottle, sipped a little and then replaced the bottle top. He had grudgingly thrown some plasters and bandages to Gazini before locking the door and, presumably entering a code on the door that only he knew. Gazini sighed. He thought about his employment at the local job centre, and about his wife and family. A scraping noice alerted him to his captor, who entered, wearing his vampire suit and face mask as usual.

Gazini waited expectantly for his food but this time he did not recieve any. His captor bound his hands behind his back with red rope and propped him up against the wall.

"What are you doing?" asked Gazini.

Smiling, the man withdrew from an inside pocket, his silver blade.


Ignoring his gasp, the vampirish figure put his hand over Gazini's mouth, pushed his head back and in a rapid motion, cut his throat. He sighed in satisfaction and exultation as a stream of blood flowed from his victim's severed throat.

The End

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