Enter AerieMature

November 12 - 05:34/Afternoon
Senata Mall

I sat down on one of the mall benches, exhausted and almost completely broke of my weekly allowance. I looked up at Alice, who was texting her boyfriend Jack for the hundredth time today. Alice and Jack had only been going out for two months but already it felt like it had been forever. She wasn't always with Jack, since she loved shopping and Jack preferred sports, so she hung out with me most of the time. The only problem was, that she had been born into a completely rich family while mine... not so much.
We were at the mall after having bought a couple badly-needed skirts and shoes but Alice still wanted to check out the dresses at American Eagle. Me, on the other hand, had been wanting to check out Hot Topic for a new corset. Even though our styles had been completely different, Alice and I had been bestfriends for what seemed like an eternity. But, while she seemed to be picking up boyfriends left and right, I hadn't had a single boyfriend ever since fifth grade. Well, if you could call a boy saying you were cute a boyfriend, that is. Not really.
"Hey Aerie..." Alice said, through the tapping of her thumbs on her cell.
"Yes?" I replied, as Alice clicked her phone shut and pulled up a chair in front of my bench.
"What is it you want for your birthday?" Alice asked, grabbing onto the edges of her seat. I was guessing that Jack had complimented her or something, or she wouldn't be so hyperly eager to hear my answer. That, or it was that pure-sugar she was eating earlier starting to come into effect.
"Um..." I thought over the question, thinking of something that I knew she could get. "A boyfriend." I said finally, knowing that this is what I've always wanted. Plus, I knew she could get one... just not for me.
"What!" Alice said, jumping up with her fists in the air, out-raged. "Aerie, you know that's like, not fair!" She spat. I shrugged, and then looked off into the distance of the food court. Something suddenly caught my attention. A boy, definitely taller than Alice and I by a whole foot, with reddish hair and a smirk on his face, was walking this way. I shook my head.
"I thought that today was supposed to be just you and me?" I said, instantly directing Alice's attention over to where I was looking. She let out a small shriek, dropped her bags, and ran over to him. I rolled my eyes, just as I heard the small tweet of my cellphone. I reached into my purse, and dug around for it. Taking it out, I flipped it open and read my newly-received text.
Aerie gt hom naow!!

I rolled my eyes again. My big brother/guardian Daniel hated it when I was out past dark and plus, he wanted me to get home earlier than usual because he was leaving tomorrow to go to Brooklyn for a week or so for his job. He didn't want to leave me behind, but there was no way for him to take me along and plus, we had no relatives nor any parents to stay with me, so Alice was supposed to come over (with or without Jake) to check on me every day. I was fifteen though, so I was pretty sure I could handle myself. Daniel didn't seem to think so, though. And Daniel was twenty-three.
I slid my cellphone back into my purse and slid it over my shoulder as I grabbed my shopping bags and stood up from the bench. By now, Alice and Jack had made their way over to here but they seemed to completely ignore me while they were obviously busy telling each other they loved the other.
"Well, it's late. I'm going to head home now." I stated, hoping to catch Alice's attention. And for once, she actually seemed to of heard me and looked at me in surprise.
"What? You're leaving? But we just got here!" She complained, holding onto Jack and stomping her feet angrily.
"Alice, we've been here for at least two hours and it's already dark out. -You know how Daniel is about these things and how strict he is." I told her, my arms starting to feel like they were going to fall off from holding my heavy bags for too long. Alice gave an annoyed sigh and stomped her feet once more.
"Awww. Fine! Jack and I will drive you home, though!" She argued, a smile showing itself with her perfect teeth. She crossed her fingers in front of her and closed her eyes tightly while holding her breath. I knew what she was doing. This was a habit she did whenever she wanted her way and wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted. Sadly, it had grown on me and I could never say no to her. I sighed.
"Okay, sure." I agreed, and Alice let out a breath of relief. After that, Jake and Alice drove me home from the mall.

The End

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