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Aerie is your average teenage girl who just wants a boyfriend and to fit in. You know, like everybody else. But, why is it when she turns 16 weird things start happening to her? She knows she can't tell her best friend, but who can she turn to? Her mutations start getting weirder and finally, she meets a devilishly hot boy who is strangely attracted to her! The next thing Aerie knows, Creed is going to her school! How many secrets has Creed been keeping from her, and how many more is he creating

November 13 - 12:01/Midnight
V-Hunters Warehouse

Terra and Jet sighed miserably inside the warehouse. It was a silent night, yet it was completely boring without their usual action. There was a full moon tomorrow, so they figured that "they" must be preparing something special for tomorrow night. After all, it was vampires they're talking about. Not your average serial killer or rapist, either.
"I wonder if he's out there right now. What do you think, Jet?" Terra turned in her desk chair to face Jet, who was leaning on the desk, arms crossed. His dark eyes seemed to be completely focused on something in the window, and he didn't seem to even hear Terra.
"I think that he is out there, scheming something in that little undead head of his. Waiting for the perfect moment." He replied, still not breaking his focus from the window.
"Well, where ever he is, he can't hide from us much longer. Sooner or later, we're going to get him. And when we do- we're going to kill him. We're going to kill Creedalious Mantle." 

The End

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