Sex: Use precaution with a cautionMature

They stripped each other's clothes one by one while playing scrabble. In first few games Prashant won and stripped her scarf, loosened her Louis Vinton belt and untied her Gucci shoes. In the following games, Aarakshi, still voluptuous, didn't give him a chance to touch her body till he was almost naked with just his underwear covering the main part. As soon as he was completely naked, she herself stripped her clothes, unable to control her desperation. They both were ready- for a sexual intercourse for the first time on their own bed in their newly owned house. Ever since Prashant had left for the job to the US, she waited for an eternity for this to happen. She thanked her mother-in-law for calling Prashant back to his land after an unexpected death of his father, and persuading him to join their flourishing family business. Her mother-in-law immediately joined a missionary while she and Prashant moved to a different mansion of their own. He earned quite a lot than he spent and this was the reason that he didn’t join his family business when he’d the skills to earn for himself. They both stood naked beside the bed. Her celibacy accentuated her desperation even more. Now, it was time to admire him and make him feel that she was same as before her marriage- she'd same pleasing curves which he admired in him and he'd same childlike innocence. However, this time they prepared themselves for a plan - a plan to make babies. Now, she didn’t have to tolerate that rubber in her body, no matter however soft it was. After all, it had been seven years that she waited to have kids- getting them ready for their first day to the school, teaching them how to comb hair, giving them good night kisses every night and every morning and choosing for them.

They both waited for each other to make the first move and after a few seconds of silence and deep breaths, Prashant started to admire her breasts. She curled her tongue and bit her lower lip with shyness. A scene came alive in front of her eyes when she was nineteen and they had sex for the first time. Then Prashant, just eighteen, after kissing her, moved his hands firmly over her breasts. His firm touch now seemed as if she were nineteen again. Smart, intelligent, masculine and shy Prashant was a cutie-pie during his schooling. Almost every girl in his class felt for him; however, he liked his senior Aarakshi who was the most beautiful that he’d ever seen. Being on bed with the girl he’d liked made him feel highly elated. After a long foreplay, their souls entwined to make their first baby after seven years of their marriage. Her face beamed and she saw her eyes glistering through his while laying on him, still naked and blissfully seductive, almost reaching the orgasms.

Two months later, both perplexed, with Aarakshi showing no signs of an impregnated woman, consulted a sexologist. The sexologist found Aarakshi’s body allergic to condoms and announced that she’d had too much sex years ago and now would not be able to carry a child.

PS: Use precautions with cautions. Many women are allergic to cheap rubber of condoms. Do consult your doctor first while using a precaution. AIDS IS A DEADLY DISEASE. If you think that by this way people read and learn that helps them live a healthy living then please make an effort to sharing this story and buzzing your friends.

The End

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