The InterviewMature

"Alright, Nalia, I just have a few more routine questions for you and then you'll be free," He smiles broadly at me. I purse my lips into something I hope is similar to a smile while I try not to wince at the decaying breath he wafts in my face with every syllable. The grey walls match his eyes, and the skirting boards such vibrant white they match his skin. His hair falls lank to his shoulders. It's greasy.

"Right, can I ask when the last time you had sexual intercourse was?" The dreaded question. For me, anyhow.


A pause hangs uncomfortably in he air.

"Never?" He repeats. I nod. "You're a virgin? At 15?" I nod again. He waits, then blows the air out his mouth in something between a sigh and a whistle. He's clearly surprised. Who can blame him?

"Well, Miss Leon, I don't think there are any more questions I need to ask you." He avoids my look. "Freak" is etched upon his judging eyes.

"I- I thought you said you had several?"

"Irrelevant. They're regarding frequency of intercourse and ability to reach orgasm." The cold of his words shows that I will definitely not be joining the 'happy working family' at Grange Hill Electricals.

"Right. Of course. I'll, er, await your call, Sir." He waits a minute just looking at me. I stand awkwardly.

I walk out. I hear his secretary on the intercom say "Virgin? Really?" And his simple reply: "I know."

I feel his eyes rest on my arse as I walk out the building.

The End

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