Sex is everywhere.Mature

Sex is everywhere.
Sex is in all the ordinary places, magazines, TV and the media. But sex has infused every part of out lives. It’s infected schools, society and every day interactions. Every day I’m judged on my sexual experiences (I’ve kissed 2 guys on the lips-Ooh how juicy), my ability to act sexily (flirt), and how much mascara I can get on my eyelashes while still keeping my eyes open. And since I could easily be compared to a whale that was somehow accepted into a nunnery, I don’t score highly in any of these categories. So of course, I am worthless.
But this is only in our current society. There are clumps of people who have similar opinions to me, who have similar goals to achieve more in this world than being able to fit 7 dicks in their mouth. But what if there was a new society? A new society, where people are judged completely and utterly on their sexualisation. Where sex is just a thing that happens; it doesn’t mean anything. Over the age of 15 it is not only expected of you to have sex, but required. You are pressured by everyone around you, and noone even realises what sex should mean. Love, of course. Rape is not a thing anymore. Rape is a normality.

So. Here sits my little brain-thought for a possible novel. A novel set in this disgusting society that came from my brain. Hopefully, I will actually write it and maybe it will be good.

The End

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