Sex In The CityMature

by:ebby Sparks

Back to th dating seen.


It's been two in a half  years i been with the same guy and we broke up two months ago so now it's back to the dating seen.I don't really remember how it works ,but it seems like its a brand new game.It's not the way i remember befor i had a man for two in some years.It's i eaither meet a guy who just tells lies,or i meet somone who just wants to hit it then quit it...but they never get that far cause i can smell the game a mile away.It's funny you think you know what's next but then life just takes a whole new direction.You never know what can happen even if you have a plan or you do everything according to plan it can still go off track like relationships and when they do you go through the getting over the other person and then you start the dating seen.But  make sure to screen your choices so you don't end up mixing up with the no good men cause there's alot of them out there ,aswell as alot of good ones you just gatta find the good ones even if its just to have fun and go out .Dating for the frist time is not easy after you've been in a relationship for almost three years so just take your time and fill them out.

The End

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