A subtle, clever short piece of erotica that is heavily based upon the human sexual drive with a twist. Currently in WIP.

I swirled the pen around in circles on the scratched wooden table with the edge of my finger, trying to focus on the task at hand. She definitely made it more difficult than it should have been. I usually remembered an every single word the lecturer says but she was just too captivating to pass up. I could tell she was eyeing me. Taunting me with her smooth exterior, her elegant bosom and the way she was sitting on that table was just, I shuddered, arousing. I knew I could not keep this up. I had to stop staring, like some “weirdo” that just wouldn’t break eye contact with you on the morning bus. Someone might see me after all and that would just make it all the more awkward. I could not help it. It was like she was a magnet, completely and utterly inseparable. She skimmed me over with her shiny glare, almost blinding me with lust. Oh how infuriating it was not being able to do anything about it. I was literally melting apart, sweating like a dog. I snapped the pen in half without even realising it. I sighed and looked away up to the vast bright ceiling above me. I knew, I knew that she was just playing with me. Trying to win me over like so many before her, and after the deed was done; she would just leave and never come back. Not even a goodbye. The temptation was there but my mind was telling me no, yet my body was telling me yes. I was so pent up in thought that I had not realised my jeans got uncomfortably tight. Great, another distraction, it’s not like she was enough already for my brain to handle. Still I knew had to take the chance, see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
The bell rang and the session was finally, over including this year’s semester. I would have after all would have some time with myself, but first of all I had to try and take the dip onto the fast lane. I slowly stood up from my chair not realising how weak in the knees I’ve been feeling throughout this “torture”. I nearly fell flat on my back. It’s a good thing I was at the very end of the row and there was a wall behind me. I slid across the wall with my back and kneeled down, trying to muster up my strength. I finally leveraged myself upwards and took a walk down the middle of the staircase to the middle of the classroom, passing by all my classmates. Some called out to me but I did not answer, I was too focused on her. Nothing could break my gaze off her now. I had to do this, now or never.

The End

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