An Intervention

The grey skinned androgyne stands in my doorway, waiting.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Triad wishes to see you. You have drawn their interest."

I access the Aethernet and post a query, I'm met with a response almost instantly.

Triad - the hive mind composite being that prevents another Fracturing from occurring. Comprises of Nix Garrison, former leader of the Technomancers, Jacqueline Mathers, former leader of the Aetherics and Phyllis Blake, former leader of the Mendelians.

Interesting, at least what little useful information I could extract from the description.

"And why would I go see this Triad?"

"Because Triad wishes it, which means it will happen one way or another. Do not make your life difficult."

Arguing was obviously futile, the gun at the androgyne's hip said that quite clearly. I left and follwed the androgyne into a waiting transport, it was soon speeding off.

"Where are we going?"


"But where is Triad?"

I wasn't given an answer.

The journey was long and uneventful. The androgyne refused to speak with me further, spending the entirety of the eight hour trip in silence. Eventually we set down on the top of an enormous tower, somewhere, I guessed, in America. I was ushered out and led into the tower.

The first thing I noticed was the bittersweet smell of wet, hot flesh.

The End

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