X12BB14/J otherwise known as Walter, was sitting comfortable in his louse when his AT signalled him for his attention. He sighed, something that still hadn't lost it's novelty for him, and nodded, activating the integrated genetic machinery that formed his AT.


"We're ready."

"I see."

"I'll put things in motion."


The line went dead but Walter felt restless. It was really happening.

Walter was an AI citizen of the Technomancy regime in London who had defected to the Mendelians. He'd never felt comfortable as an entity of pure information and always envied his colleagues flesh. He'd tried going mechanical for a while, a humanoid endoskeletal frame, but it just wasn't the same. He'd made contact with the Mendelians and they'd given him what he wanted, a weak, fragile, beautiful body of flesh and blood and bone. Every moment was an exultation of natures grace and majesty. Every thought in his slow, chemical and electrical soup of a brain was a tiny miracle. He'd never felt so enraptured and yet so at peace. Of course, it wasn't without a price.

Walter had leaked sensitive information to the Mendelians about the Technomancers new project. It was something they were very much interested in, something that they in turn leaked to the Aetherics, who were currently in a much better position to do something about it.

The Mendelians had worked with Walter on building a shadow-operative, someone who could infiltrate the Aetherics. The operative would be a sleeper agent and once the signal was sent, he'd begin to wake up and perform his duty. They'd already planted the necessary information to herd the Aetheric's into attacking the targets they themselves had chosen and now it was time to cut them loose and have their operative take over.

They'd needed Walter's help directly with this, something not often allowed from someone who was not already one of their own but they'd had no choice, Walter had seen to that. He'd been very careful about the way the information he carried was stored and the only way they'd be able to implant what their operative needed was if Walter was involved directly, to supervise the neural programming.

It was all happening and idly, sat back relaxing in his louse, Walter wondered how his child was doing.

The End

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