Seven Shades of the SeaMature

Story about a pirate who eventually sees the error of his ways and tries to abandon his criminal life, despite being 500 miles away from land and on a ship full of angry men with a penchant for violence.

Micky took a swig of his grog and stared at his ship in admiration. Captain Micky "The Mano'war" Gallahan was the owner of 'The Majestic', a 45 foot high wooden ship of immaculate design. Made from the finest of rosewood, crafted long before Micky got his theiving mitts onto it. A beautiful topless mermaid had been carved onto the front, shadowed only by the 10 foot tall and 15 foot wide jolly roger way up above the crow's nest.

Micky stood, still gazing at the beauty of his acquisition, while his men were dragging crates, men and women onto his ship.
Crates probably full of food or grog or ingredients for grog. Men for work and battle. Women would become wenches and perhaps medical assistants.

The town guards knew not to interfere with Micky's plans, especially after the massacre three years ago. It's a surprise the town has any citizens remaining after that incident.

"We're done 'ere, Cap'n" spoke a voice, out of Micky's line of sight.

Micky came out of the trance and turned his head slightly to the left. He saw Pickin' Pete, so name for his previous career as a pickpocket. Pete, although small and somewhat puny, was a valuable crew member. What he lacks in strength is easily made up for with his stealth and savvy. It was, afterall, thanks to Pete that the Majestic now belonged to Micky. All it took was a dagger in the eyes of Captain Larry 'The Restless' Burns.

Micky smiled at Pete, which seemed to be the highest reward Micky could ever give.

"Good lad, Pete. Man the wheel, Ay'll be on in a sec." Micky commanded.

Pete wasted no time in doing what his master had ordered. Micky took another swig of his grog and proceeded to throw the bottle onto the ground. He turned around to have one last look at Winkleman's Port then boarded his ship.

"Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!" Micky shouted while he made his way to his cabin

Micky laid on his thick canvas hammock, waiting for another day to approach.


The End

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