Seven LettersMature

Mabel thought life was simple. Until one predication changed that all


 "What if life isn't as it seems?" I looked seriously at Kerri.

            "What?" I asked, trying to get a decent answer out of her.

            "What if everything you ever knew was turned. It all changes. It always changes. Some live, some die." She paused to look at me with her green eyes. I shivered. My parents. Me. I stare back at her eyes. They were glazed over. Like she was seeing into the future as we spoke. "Some born to lead, some born to fail. What if you were born for a reason? Brought here for a reason."

            "Look, Kerri I have no idea what you are on about. Just be plain and simple for me!" I told her, quickly losing my patience.

            "You. You're not human, not clairvoyant, not a shifter. You're nothing..." I frowned at her. "But your also everything. Mabel. You life has been seen. Your life has been made for you. The seer has been right. You are her."

"I AM WHO?" Yelling at her now.

"The girl. The one born to fall and yet to rule. To lose those dear. To gain a load more. The one person our world waits for, the girl who hasn't been seen for 6000 years. Born again in June, with blonde hair and storm clouds for eyes. She shall rise in unnoticed favour until 21, flocked then by a shifter, and clairvoyants. Her protector, the one who lives the endless life. The one seen to be with her from the beginning of time. He waits the most. For each time she falls and then to age until she calls, he waits, hidden in myth. He is her lover never dying, unless her love is not returned." Kerri stopped.

"Kerri, tell me more? What am I?"

"The only one who can answer that is you."




            "Mabel?" I looked up into Dr. Krill's face. I looked at the old crinkled eyes. They were an odd colour green, the kind you see on neon cakes. The crow's feet in the corner of his eyes. Even without looking at his mouth I could tell he was smiling at me. I took my time examining his face. I looked at all the wrinkled skin he had on it. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to look at something else, but I couldn't. I'd already spent hours in his office staring at the objects in this stupidly dull room. I slowly looked back into his neon eyes and replied.

            "Yes, you were saying," I said it slowly and made sure I kept eye contact with him.

            "Yes, well. I asked if you were going to consider taking anti depressants, I know that you said you didn't want to take any pills but that was 4 years ago and if anything you have seem to got worse." He spoke with such speed I almost had to ask him to repeat it again.

            "Hang on. What do you mean anti depressants? I'm not depressed; I don't think I am going to consider killing myself anytime soon. So there." Why would I need to take them I am fine. Ok so I had cut myself but it was an accident. I didn't mean to do it. Yeah, I placed a knife to my wrist and considered it but then I decided not to. The knife had only cut me because I was putting it down when my foster mum walked in.

            "Shit" I yelled looking at her, "don't you do that again" It wasn't until I looked at her face did I realize that some was wrong. I followed her worried eyes to my wrist. My skin was pale, as white as a sheet; it wasn't normally that colour but the blood running down my finger tips and onto the floor made it seem paler.  It wasn't on any major veins but it was deep enough to make it look like it.

            "Fucking hell! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO! WHAT ON EARTH WHERE YOU DOING SNKEAKING UP ON ME" I yelled at the top of my voice. I walked slowly over to the sink and ran the cold water and pressing a kitchen cloth against the cut. Hissing in pain as I applied pressure before she spoke.

            "We need to take you to hospital; it's going to need stitches." Her voice was thick with concern. I started to feel bad but I pushed that away and went to the phone. "What do you think you're doing?"

            "Calling a friend to pick me up, maybe if you're lucky I'll tell them I accidently did it whilst cutting bread." With that I stormed out of the room and outside waiting for Blair to pick me up.

            I looked back at Doctor Krill and took a deep breath, getting ready to have a yelling session at him telling him that I did not need those pills and there was no way I was ever going to take them.



            "Fine I'll take the bloody pills. I don't know why you think I fucking need them but seeing as you are going ballistic telling me I need to take them I will. Right if you have anything major to say to me before I leave and you never see me again say it NOW!"

I didn't give him a chance to answer. Even if I did he wouldn't have said anything. Without realising I had let one of my tricks works its way out of my mind and into the open, telling me a bit of back ground history into them. It wasn't one of my favourite things that happened but I could normally kept it under control. Really the only time I use it is when I feel like spreading a piece of gossip Phoenix. Always good.

Holding my head high I walked out the hospital; without a backward glance. I walked straight past the receptionist, who was talking on the phone whilst painting her nails; seriously I thought people only did that in the movies, down 4 flights of stairs before going past the main reception of the massive hospital. The only thing that could have stopped my very cool exit would have been the door but as I looked at it a young man, about 20 something and ever so hot, walked in and held open the door for me.

I kept me face straight and looked through the door at Blair but this man's stare just went through me. I couldn't help myself; I just felt my eyes move towards him like there was a pull to him.

"Keep it up," he said in a very masculine tone. I felt my throat close up, but my mind opened far too wide, reaching out and into his. I felt my skin crawl with goose bumps as I felt the shock in his mind.

What the hell? How did he know? His mind blocked off and I was left walking out of the door and into the street. Blair glanced at me as I walked straight on; I made no contact with anyone just walked. I had never felt a mind as strong as him, never a mind so young but so old. It was as if he had been alive longer than his face gave away.

Carrying on ignoring the people and cars, I walked onto the outskirts of the town. Everyday noises just went; no sound was audible to my ears but one. The mans. I knew where I was going but I didn't need to think about where it was; I just concentrated on the voice.

There were no goose bumps this time, so he couldn't be able to tell I was listening to him. At least he didn't show it. Connected to it I listened in on the convocation he was having with the nurse on the third floor.

"Can you please tell me where I may find Doctor Krill?" He asked voice smooth as honey.

"Oh yes, Well first you're on the wrong floor. You need to go up one more. Once on the right floor go straight past reception and into the waiting room, you'll be called when he's ready for you." She replied.

"Well, thank you" he replied and was off. Up the flights of stairs and in the waiting room quicker than I could keep track of. If it wasn't for my pure strength of mind and years of practise, I probably would have been chucked out of his head and into another patient.

He looked round the room and went over to the nurse in the corner. If you ask me I think he has a thing for women in uniform. Well all men do really. Don't get me started on my Dad; oh boy do I not want to go there.

Before he spoke the nurse had turned round and started speaking.

"What do you want?" she asked and through his mind I could see she was annoyed. I could practically see steam coming out of her ears.

My mind wondered over to hers before I could rein it in. Ah. It all made sense now. She'd been given to the end of the shift to leave before they would kick her out with security.

"Yes well my... um Niece was just with Dr. Krill, she left her coat in there so ... um I came to collect it." Through her eyes I saw understanding but his tone implied urgency and yet if I didn't use that kind of excuse myself I would never have seen the lie that was hidden. I could always tell them but he was very skilled at it. Even with some many lies told and seen it was still hard to recognize this one

"Oh yeah, Mabel right?  Yes sure, there's no one in there so feel free to nip straight in."  She kept it short and sweet, her voice rushed and I knew why.

She knew Dr. Krill was in there with another patient, just what she wanted, to create a great chaos. Clever seeing as she had been fired nothing worse could happen to her.

It was well thought out. Only a few bits here and there that needed to be changed. So as I heard her plan and thought of ways to make it better.

She looked up into his eyes and even though the mind I could feel his power radiating off him, coming towards her like an unseen mist, so much power that nothing would be able to stop it, and like before I was pushed out of a mind. Gone with only my own thoughts and senses.

I realized that whilst I'd been ‘in' the hospital it had started to rain. I didn't care, instead I started to run. Running cleared me, mentally and bodily. It cleared my mind of the man, his power, his strength and his brilliant body. With my body, I worked out all my rage and put it into a stable run that I could do for hours. It was the concentration I needed for rowing. The mind for self defence.

People walked by, without a passing look. No sound came from then or any there was I didn't hear. Usually I ran with my I-pod but today I didn't care. All I needed was to get that man out of my head. He'd create so many questions and yet so little answers. The only one that I could be sure of was that he was not human. No human could hold that much power and be alive. No man or woman could push me out of heads like that. No he was defiantly not human.

I had reached the river by now. Keeping my pace, as steady as I could, I set off for the track just above the river. From past experience I knew that the steep, rocky and very tiring land that would keep me occupied for at least a few hours and with the weather as it was, no one would be coming down here. It was good to know that, it meant I had longer to be myself, Blair wouldn't come for me. She knew I'd come back when I was ready, all she had to do was wait.

With Blair in my head that's what I thought about. Blair, one of my best friends, like most people at my school was not human. She's one of the rare people who are shape shifters. So far she has only mastered three transformations. My favourite one is the first one she had.

The first transformation is the one shape sifters are born with, the rest has to be learnt. It is also the most comfortable and easiest for them to transform into. Blair's is even more special though. Most get cats or dogs and other common animals but Blair's is mythical. Well it can't really be as she can become one but still. Her first transformation was the Phoenix.

The fire bird. Her colour ranged from gold to scarlet. She was one of the most beautiful birds alive. When she flew, her gracefulness would hit. Not even a ballet dancer could by that light and yet be so deadly.

I've only ever seen Blair fight once. Her instructor had an unfair advantage as he was more advanced and a wolf. It hadn't mattered though. In the air she curved and flew like a feather, dodging every jump and attack the wolf tried to lay on her. It was a deadly dance that only affected just them.

I hadn't meant to watch. Blair hated me watching her as different animals. I didn't know why but I never broke my promise, until then when Mrs Habivs was droning on about trigonometry. I looked out the window and saw her. I was trance fixed until Mrs Habivs had placed a large text book on my desk. The loud clash of the book hitting my desk made me look up at Mrs Habvis.

Blair was the first friend I made at Phoenix. Unlike the other people there she had pale blonde hair. So pale it seemed to be more like white gold. It fell to her lower back in a dead straight manner. At 5ft 11 she towered over me and whenever I look up at her it's always the moss green eyes you see first. Then the smile that never cesses to stop me smiling. With her being my best friend she introduced me to the Collins sisters. Kerri, Nikki and Halle. All of them also had a hidden ability.

Unlike Blair, Halle wasn't a shape sifter. In fact, she was ¾ human. The ¼ of her was in fact from her mother's side as her grandmother was a clairvoyant. Most people see clairvoyants as women but back thousands of years shifters, humans and clairvoyants lived together, both men and women. Thus still creating true clairvoyants today, with enough pure blood lines. Tough any human now a day, either had a direct line to a living clairvoyant or a long descended line from the years far back in the past. The abilities they had depended on how far descended the person was. A full clairvoyant had direct access to perceiving things above the normal senses; not just a sixth sense but more like 6 other senses. They include precognition, telekinesis, healers, mental and astral projection, merging and telepathy.

Halle as a 3rd generation clairvoyant only had one sense, hers being telepathy. You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her. She was 5ft 10 and the thinnest of all of us. Like her sisters, she had pale skin. She did however use a lot of fake tan which has caused her to have a permanent tan. Her eyes were always wide like she was always caught in a moment of shock, but it gave you a wonderful view into her pale blue eyes. They were such a vibrant blue that it would stop people in the street and cause them to stare. Her nose though was as people call is, a cute button nose and her lips always in a perfect smile, such a perfect smile it could have given Cheryl Cole a run for her money. With the way she looked most people would have thought her hair was dyed and cut, but in the genes, she was actually how she looked. The hair was cut short in a bob style that got shorter towards the back and a milk chocolate colour. She also had a left side fringe that usually covered her eye. Her fashion sense could also be marked as a punk style however it was more of a classic punk look that was always bang on trend no matter what season. The only thing that gave her away as having an ability was a tiny birth mark on her wrist. Othala or most well known as Odal. It was seen as its meaning, possession. The possession of her gift. She also however had a tiny tattoo on her right shoulder bone of Rad, meaning riding. Like everyone else she got it when she enrolled to Phoenix. We however we not told the reasons to our runes or symbols until we leave or graduate.

Kerri also had a birthmark of Odal but hers on her collar bone. Her tattoo was of Feoh placed on her ring finger of the right hand. Unlike her sisters Kerri stuck to a fashion sense of street style. Mixing designer with cheap hoodies and homemade textiles she made. Putting them all together she created her own unique style. One that people at our school constantly tried to copy, and constantly failed. Most people though did not try to copy her nose. It was such a perfect nose that I once joked that there should be a shrine to it, wish she replied by punching me and leaving a bruise. She also had wide eyes but hers were light brown. Unlike Halle's eyes Kerri's seemed to cause people to look away. However when they made eye contact with someone else she could she their future as she had the sense of precognition. She didn't need to look into people's eyes to see the future but as they say the eyes are the window to the soul, it just makes it easier.

The final triplet Nikki is just like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. She looks like an 18 year old Carrie, exactly the same other than her hair and eyes. Unlike Carrie she had fiery red hair that was so beautiful that she does hair modelling in local hairdressers that own a few shops over Great Britain. To go with the red hair, she had lime green eyes; so green that most of our year thought they were contacts. She also had the tattoo of Tiw. She chose to have it pointing out from the corner of her right eye, pointing towards the top of her ear. Her birthmark was also placed on her face, hidden in her left eye brow. To go with her originality she had a power that hardly any clairvoyants possessed these days. She had been gifted with telekinesis. The only problem was that she couldn't control it yet. Being a bit hot tempered is was bad. When her emotions weren't under control neither was her power. She could do with some control lessons from Blair.

I know that Blair has control. You need to if you are a shifter. Shifters blend easily into the world. Some stay hidden and stick to their animal forms other come out and join schools such as ours. They don't have a birthmark that shows them for what they are, but I always seem to know if the person I see is a shifter. She does have the tattoo though but I have no idea where she had it placed. Apparently shifters have to keep it hidden in a place that only they know. Once the tattoo is on the tattooist's memory of putting the tattoo on is erased. End.

Mine is placed on my right hip. Hidden from view. Only being seen when changing. No one knows where mine is and I plan to keep it that way. I don't even know why I'm going to this school but apparently it's got something to do with my parents. My dead parents.

Thinking about my parents jolts me back from my mind. Out of breath, I pause to breathe, sitting on a nearby fallen tree. I stared at the river, watching if creep past me. It was a mucky brown and swans floated slowly down. As if giving up on the water speed the swans flew up together ad disappeared down the river. I realised it had stopped raining; even though it had rained it was still humid for September in Wales. So much that I was still sweating. Suddenly I was overcome with the desire to go swimming.

With that idea planted in my mind, I stripped of my clothes. I placed them on the tree and went down in my underwear, standing at the edge of the river. I looked out for any other people walking on by the river, content that no one would come and startle me; I dived in. I hoped that the fresh water would help me make sense of everything. It made it worse. And the number one problem was the guy. Who was he?



The End

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