Day 18Mature

I was happy. 

I mean, genuinely . Never in my entire life had I experienced a euphoria of this magnitude. We had finally become friends . I was officially part of her world. Mine sucked, so I couldn't claim her being part of mine. The past three days, however, went by in a breeze. 

Back to the present, I cycle to school . The weekend was done. I had made it this far. Now all I have to do was survive the apocalypse.


That's right. For those of you who don't know, I don't tend to do well on Mondays. 

That's putting it mildly. You get your ass handed to you by the universe.

I don't know why specifically Monday. On the bright side, at least the universe sets aside a certain time to give me life-wedgies . The other option was to have it everyday. I just hope that Monday today is good to me. It sees all the potential magic that can happen, and we can be friends for once.

Yeah, it can be your friend ,like the black death was Europe's.

I reach class and see Nik talking to her. I go over and I chat her up for a while. I use all the jokes I had prepared the previous night (I have a lot of time on my hand). She laughed a little, and told me some joke about a pig who went into a bar. I didn't get it at all , but laughed anyways, hoping I wasn't faking it badly.

Suddenly, the bell rang and all of us settled down. Our teacher fumbled through and was going to say something before a long and disturbing screech interrupted her. It was the intercom. Our principal always made sure she never actually got up from her place to do stuff. She'd announce everything via the intercom and she'd send for the teachers instead of coming to them. 

"Good Morning Teachers and students. I have a special announcement to make today. We have a new student that will be joining our school today . I would...bzzzz"

It started screeching and giving static again. Meanwhile I was just wondering about why the principal was announcing the arrival of a new kid. When I joined she didn't care if I did the tango in the corridors.  Now this kid's getting a red carpet. Anyways, I shouldn't care . It's not like Mr.Bigshot is gonna be in my class. The probability is about a million to....

"bzzzz...going to Grade 7 class B!"

never mind. 

"I am making this announcement because young Mr. Avorta , has just won this year's state karate finals."

I suddenly heard a soft 'wooww' coming from my right. I looked at her. She was pursing her lips and her eyes were full of ...well ...whatever it is that your eyes are full of when you're impressed.

I wasn't liking this one bit. This cannot get any worse.

"And what's more, he won the final round on a broken leg! Mr. Avorta will now tell us what inspired him to go on. We should all learn from him"

Clearly, I've forgotten how Mondays used to be like. 

The next twenty minutes another voice explained , between bursts of static , of how he was totally motivated to go on despite the pain. Frankly , I had seen better in the Karate Kid.

I was looking at her , and not liking what I was seeing . She was smiling and saying something to her friends.  I tried to listen but she was too far away. 

You have competition. The plot...thickens.

And then the principal continued with her other useless announcements and went off air. There was some murmuring the class , and then he came in. 

The Japan to my Pearl Harbor

The Atom Bomb to my Nagasaki

The Joker to my Batman 

Oh..shut up!

As he came in , she started clapping and everyone joined in . WHY DID SHE HAVE TO INITIATE THE APPLAUSE? I looked at her and all I could see was the way she was staring at him. 

This is not good. This is NOT good. 

Mondays and you. Friends for life.



The End

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