Day 15Mature

"You LIKE her?"

Nik and I were cycling home . His home , to be specific. I thought I would tell him that day about why I have been acting weird lately.

By weird you mean like a paranoid schizophrenic on triple caffeinecourse.

"I mean ... you REAALLLY like her." he clarified.

"Yes!" I was getting impatient. What was so unbeleivable?

"Are you sure these feelings?" He was testing my patience.

"Oh nooo these feelings were MADE IN CHINA!! What is wrong with you?" I screamed.

"Nothing man . It just seems unnatural to imagine you being the Romeo types. I mean YOU of all people" He seemed to be smiling in the corner of his mouth.

"Why can't I have feelings like this?" He was making me look like some sort of alien.

He seemed to be staring into oblivion, "Well you can , but look at the girl you like. I always imagined you would end up with some spelling bee champion with glasses and bunny teeth enveloped in metal braces. This girl is a basketball player, likes to volunteer for animal shelters , and doesn't care much for your other true love i.e. Science."

Tru dat.

Tru dat? Since when was my inner voice getting all gangster?

"Well now that I like her , I need your help. Tell me how I can impress her." I said excitedly.

"Well let me think....hmmmmm.", then he suddenly looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes, probably with some great plan ,and confidently said, "You can't".

Your friend has a lot of faith in your  personality.

"Dude come on! There must be something I can do to at least make her talk to me as a friend." I was sounding desperate but it didn't matter.

Finally he made a face and said,"Well there is ONE thing. Every evening our gym teacher holds these after school basketball tryout sessions.I go too. And the sessions for girls is after the sessions for boys. So during the boys' session she does come a little early just to watch everyone play. So you can..."

"THAT'S AN AMAZING IDEA! When do I start?" I had to cut him mid sentence.


Shut up inner voice this isn't the time !

"Well the next session is tomorrow evening . I'll talk to the gym teacher and get you signed on. It will be fun playing with my best buddy on the team.Are you sure you want to do this?" Nik beamed with pride.

But dude...

"Of course I do! This is going to be fun! I'm in bro." I said as I high fived him.

This was going to be epic. All these days of screwing up had finally given road to a miracle. The universe had made my best friend the only link between me and her. And now this basketball session. The very thought of it sent goosebumps through my system. My spirits were elevated to new levels . And as if to agree with me, the day was full of sunshine and no dark clouds or rain, despite the monsoon season. That moment,right there, seemed so perfect utterly flawless that I was getting a new wave of confidence that absolutely nothing could ruin this...


Suddenly the clouds assembled from thin air (literally) and it started raining, just as this fact started dawning on me.

Oh Shit.




The End

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