Day 14Mature

Today is the day.

Correction. Today is THE DAY !!!

I'm waiting in class . My palms are getting sweaty.  I really hope she comes early, not because I want to talk to her , mainly because the teacher who's homework I've had the guts to avoid, is one hell of a screamer. So I was kinda walking on a tightrope. But you know what?

I didn't care.

There are some things everyone experiences at least once in their life. One of them is waiting. You must be familiar with this concept but whenever you really don't want something to stop, like an awesome basketball game or a roller coaster ride, time appears to fly by and awesome stuff ends even before it can start. But the time before the that awesome thing, when you're waiting, like the countdown to new year, time suddenly goes ultra slow. It mocks you for waiting. And that sucks.

Oh great,of all things now you're a preacher.

I ignore the sarcasm my mind is giving me because I can hear someone climbing up the stairs. And by default my pulse rate shoots up. I can hear my heart beating. And no , its not the stupid romantic beating for "love" and all that crap. I'm just on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So this might as well be a mild heart attack.

The sound of someone climbing on the wooden staircase becomes louder and louder. Oh lord this is it. I'm finally going to spend some time with her.Somewhere in the back of my mind I've already started planning our marriage. Okay the door has opened . THIS IS THE BEST ....

Wait . That's not her.

What the hell is Nik doing here?

"Ssup dude. What are you doing here?" he asks me .

"ME? I normally come at this time... What are YOU doing here?"

"Mom had to go somewhere for work, so she dropped me early. Wanna go play some basketball?"

Holy crackerjacks! In a few minutes the girl of my life is going to walk in and I am supposed to get some quiet time , and out of nowhere this guy shows up. This is SO typical .

And then I have a slight tingling feeling , and check my watch.

It's Monday.

Of course it's Monday. What other day can hate me so much.

A little bit of context here would be helpful for you all. Nik is my best friend since kindergarten. We're practically brothers. We hang out most of the time. And not surprisingly he is one of the few people that can tolerate me. He is my buddy for life. He is my shoulder to cry on.

He is not showing signs of leaving right now.

I have to make him go.

"Um... no my ankle's paining ...I can barely walk. Why don't you go and see if you can find someone else to play with?" I say. And in my mind I'm praying desperately for him to just get lost.

Funny what a girl can do to ten years of friendship

"Are you crazy man, who comes to school at this time. It's okay if your foot is paining, I'll just sit here." he says.

Oh god why?? Why can't he just go somewhere? I am praying to all the gods of all religions to use their collective power on his intestines to make his digestive juices go into turbo mode so that he just run to the toilet right now!!

But none of that happens. I guess the day god rested wasn't Sunday, but Monday. And has been resting on the same day every week thereafter. Thereby making mankind hate that day.

I can here footsteps again. This is going to be a disaster. A total disaster. This is a Chernobyl + hurricane Katrina + a water buffalo after drinking 3 bottles of laxative kind of disaster. He's my best friend, but I want to shoot him dead right now. JUST GO DUDE GET OUT OF HERE !!

And as fate works, the next person to enter is her. She comes and as usual takes five minutes to unpack her bagpack and settle down. I never tried to figure out why girls are so organized about stuff. I just swing my bag on my chair , expecting it to catch. Once she has done that, she looks at me, then at Nik, and smiles at him and says "Hi Nik! Long time."

Wait what? They know each other?

Happy Monday to you, Happy Monday to you...

"Oh hi!" he replies.

Then she looks at me "I got your book, but my elder sister came yesterday, and she kinda helped me do my homework. So you can copy if you want ."

You know this just sucks. But one cannot do anything . It was supposed to be a simple story with two simple characters , me and her. But then the universe decides to shove in a few more people like her sister and my best friend , and with such accuracy they all hold hands together in the act of ruining my Monday. This is just so fantastic .I totally deserve this for getting too happy. But right now I'm thinking how Nik knows her.

"Dude how do you know her?" I whisper to him.

"Uh...she lives in my neighbourhood.." he replies.


I'm not a fan of  instant messaging slang but ....LMAO

"Dude , have I ever told you what a great friend you are in my life ? I value you more than anyone else in the world.In fact I may come by your house some time just to play with you. Because that is how much I value you." I tell him.

I hope the gods strike your intestines now , hypocrite.

Nik gives me a puzzled look ,"Uh...oh..kay?" I look at her and try to be cool ," It's okay I'll do my homework from yours.But I will need your help to complete it.  I don't want to be screamed at you know."She nods and gives me my book, and then sits next to me with her book .


This is so awesome . This is the heaven they talk about. She is literally a foot away from me. I can see her face properly now. In High definition. She's so pretty , I don't care if Nik is audience to all of whatever's happening right now. 

"Hey dude you know what I'm going to play a few shots myself . You both can sit here and do the homework",Nik says.And somehow it suddenly feels weird, because the way he says "you both sit here" made it sound like the both of us were a couple wanting some privacy for some koochie koo stuff . And I can see that she's weirded out by this, because she looks at me with a "Oh god we can't let people think like that" kind of face and then looks at Nik and says, "Basketball? Can I come to play ?"



"Yeah sure why not.."he says.

I want a shotgun right now. Double barrel should be sufficient.

 I can make out that he doesn't like her or anything, he's just bored and figuring out ways to get someone to play with him. But his game of basketball is going to affect my future family and kids!!

She looks at me "Why don't you join us when you are done? "

Yes. This is it. Sorry Monday, but I win this time.

Before I can even breathe Nik interjects ,"Uh no he can't he's broken his ankle ."

Well played, Monday. Well played.

Do you get a shotgun with any more barrels? 

"Oh. okay." She looks at him "Lets go."

As they leave the class, I sit there , all by myself. I don't know what to do. I cannot curse Nik because he knew none of this, otherwise he wouldn't take her away from me. I cannot curse her because she obviously did not know anything about this. So I guess there is only one thing left to curse.

I really hate my life.

The End

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