Day 2Mature

I woke up two hours early that day.

Two hours early. I wouldn't wake up two hours early if a cobra crawled up my butt crack. 

My eyes are burning with sleep and I can barely walk straight. I put the toothpaste on the handle of the toothbrush and actually manage to brush with that. My body is totally asleep. 

But that day I had to cycle to school earlier than usual . I had a mission. I had to find out who she was . Where she came from. What time she got to school. Who she came with. Everything.

Okay, maybe your getting a little paranoid. This is just a girl in your class . You don't need to go all black ops on her. Just go talk to her.

Go TALK TO HER? My inner voice always keeps telling me what to do. But I guess today its not thinking straight.

Uh-huh. You say you want to do a recon spy crap on a 12 year old girl. I'm asking you to say hi to her. And I'm not thinking straight. You know what? go ahead. My best wishes with you.

I cycled furiously to school. All my breakfast sugar was gushing into my brain. Okay I need to keep a 1 hour time interval because if she lives far away she might be coming a little extra early just to be on the safe side. So I couldn't take risk. I had to reach one hour early just to be sure. School starts at eight o'clock. I'm there by seven. The gate security looks at me with suspicion, but then again, I had prepared myself for confrontation . I am afraid of no one!! 

Ya dude , if he comes at you , you can always use all the dangerous moves you learnt in chess class :P

AArgh shut up ! I can do this. I can evade security .

Evade security ? Dude this guy's the watchman of a school. And you GO to that school . Your wearing its ID . Plus , he isn't going to get alarmed by a 12 year old.

Oh. Sorry. Maybe I overreacted .Sorry inner voice

Okay I'm in school . As expected, its totally empty. Now I need a perch. Somewhere I can see all the entrances to the building from. Hmmm maybe if I can attempt to climb that pipe upto the roof of the building I could fit myself in stealth mode in the corner of the roof and.....

Your class is on the top floor , genius . You can see half the city from the window.

I really don't like my inner voice. People say its the voice of reason. But it spoils all the fun for you.

I go to class and wait. Half an hour flies by but I haven't budged from the window. My eyes are transfixed on all the entrances. Any minute now. She's gonna show up . She's gonna come with her brown melting eyes . What if the teacher gets a sudden epiphany and changer her place next to mine? What if she talks to me ? What if she asks me to marry her? Okay now I'm hyperventilating. It's just a recon operation. All I have to do is wait for her to come and note down the time. That is it. 

Drama Queen

Shut up.

It's eight o' clock but there's no sign of her. Everyone else has come and class begins. This is so bad. Life sucks. I wanna go and drown myself in the ocean. Wait, has she changed her mind and gone to another school? Is she sick? IS SHE DEAD?? HAS SHE BEEN KIDNAPPED? NO THIS CAN'T...

You have the emotional quotient of a single alcoholic mother with 8 kids,  you know that?

Okay calm down. She's probably sick. No big deal . I can spend the day without falling to bits. 

That day I go back home brain dead . I didn't get to see her. Its like someone took a spade and put it through my body. It's like fifty Mondays all at once. I have no clue what I'm going to do next. There is only one person I can turn to advice now.

Okay inner voice,your call, what do I do now?

Wake up early tomorrow, what else?  Lol.

I hate myself.

The End

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