Let's rewind a bit...Mature

Okay lets rewind my life back a bit. You gotta know a little about my life. It's nothing worth telling, but you'll have to know a bit. I won't be telling you my real name, so for the sake of it lets just call me Nat. I live with my mom and my little brother in the quiet and peaceful city of ...uh... Sorry. Can't tell you that either.But the city doesn't matter much. All that matters is that its kinda on the coast and a total powerhouse. Everyone is a bloody animal when it comes to partying, and even as a 12 year old, you'll always have some cool kids who'll keep calling you to birthday parties in these radical places. No beer at this age for obvious reasons, but everyone here knows how to have fun.Other than that ,everyone is good at sports , or drama, or something totally awesome. Everyone here is a bloody winner. Everyone, that is, except me. I'm not exactly sad about it or anything , but I'm not exactly much of a social animal. I ran once in a track meet in kindergarten, but I sort of fell down halfway through the field and sort of dropped sports after that. My mom used to feel bad about that and put me in all sorts of coaching camps, like basketball, football, gymnastics, swimming, but I was the only guy who was sent back in a month or so . I did however, qualify for the chess team and the under 14 spelling bee championships. Ya . That was my streak. I could spell abomination better than the captain of the football team. Total badass. Anyways, I figured at a very young age that I had the personality of a fungus covered rock. So I decided to use the one thing the cool kids didn't have. My brain. I kept of thinking of funny things to say at every second and make everyone laugh. Soon enough I became the resident clown of my school. I know, not a win win situation. But somehow, I was happy with what I had. Or at least I thought I was. No one ever got angry at me, I was everyone's friend. I was popular, I was awesome. I was a douche bag. Only I realized this a little late. I live with my mom. My dad lived away from us, not because there was some wierd family drama you'd love to read, its just that he had a travelling job so he mostly lived in the metropolitan city. And when my little brother came into existence, my mom was totally busy with him all the time. That left, me and the great city of Im-still-not-gonna-name-it to have fun with each other. And by fun I mean going to the comic book store on my bicycle.  My life was good as it was, at some point puberty would hit and maybe I would have to change myself if I wanted to get a girl. But that time was way, way ahead. Now I could have all the fun I wanted to have. Life was all about the innocent days when action figures and water guns were more important than getting a girl.  Ha ha, girl . Me. Ya right. Life was giving me the best of things a kid could get. Life was never gonna give me any emo crap. Oh yes.  What I didn't know was that in a few days life was gonna choke slam my face into something I never expected.
The End

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