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She was in my life for two years . And two years only . But that changed everything . Follow my journey through these seven hundred days as I encounter all the things that no one would even remember from their childhood.

It was the first day of my seventh grade. Being in the same school since kindergarten, I was already pretty popular with the teachers and the other kids. The strange but quite convenient rule of my school was to shuffle the kids in all the classes every year to make sure that in a couple of years every student was acquainted with the other. I found this rule quite cruel since I had to say goodbye to my best friend every year and make a new one the other year. You see, as a kid, once you were in one class you had to swear your loyalty to that class and not even step into the “rival” class, even though you knew everyone there.

It was a rainy morning. The monsoons were pretty early that year. It was hardly the beginning of June and it was already showering. But in my place , rain never poured in a harsh way. It was always gentle, calm rain. Never a storm, never a rain tragedy. Mostly a rain love story.

Which is what started that day.

As I entered class my raincoat drenched in the rainwater, I felt like a total loser. I was wet from head to toe despite the raincoat and the entire day I would have to sit on my cold wet buttocks .

Typical Monday.

I never ever had a good Monday. EVER . It was always screwed up. And it was never screwed up from the beginning. Oh no. Mondays always sneaked upon me in the middle of the day and ruined me. Like the last year, I was feeling a little sick in the morning. But then I suddenly felt like nothing happened , so assuming it must be some small glitch in my system , I happily trotted off to school. But in the middle of the day, I suddenly threw up in front of all the kids in my class. And was diagnosed with malaria for the entire month.

Like I said, Mondays screwed me .

So that day I wasn’t expecting any special treatment from the forces of nature. In fact I would be more than glad if nothing related to my gastrointestinal system happened that day. My class was pretty big, at the back of the class was a big balcony through which you could see the beach behind my school, and at the sides were walls where there were all sorts of notice boards with drawings and charts with more drawings made with crayons. Typical seventh grade class. Every child had his own desk, unlike some classes in which kids had shared benches.

Anyways coming back , I entered the class with my fingers crossed . I did not want to lose my best friend from last year. He was really nice to me and we had a lot of fun together. As I came in I saw him standing in the corner , talking to someone. I was overjoyed. I ran over and after a few hi fives and laughs, we settled down for a head count on who else was in our class. There was the girl on whom I had a crush in the fourth grade, a creepy guy whom we all stayed away from, the smarty pants of the class, the twins, and a few others I had never seen in my eight years of being in that school. Luckily, no bullies, no show offs.  All in all, nothing new nothing special. I though to myself what  a nice and normal screw up–free year it was going to be.

I was so wrong.

so DAMN wrong.

As our first teacher came in , we all took our seats next to our best friends. That would be the standard thing we would do till the teacher changed our places because we talked too much during class. She introduced herself and then made us all introduce ourselves. Standard teacher student  procedures . She then asked us to take out our notebook and pencils and pens , as we would have to note down the yearly time table. I was hoping arts and crafts would still be on Saturdays, and Club activities (I’ll come to that later) would still be on Fridays. I took out my notebook and pencil, but by some weird miracle of gravity, my pencil slipped from my hand and fell under a bunch of desks .

Oh Monday, how I hate you in every way . If you were my wife I would divorce you without alimony.

I crouched down to find the pencil, but half the time I would try to get up I banged my head into the underside of the table. Also my pencil ran away somewhere . This was complete crap. The teacher had already started dictating the timetable. I couldn’t see her from under the desks, all I could see was the floor. But I could hear her voice. As she was dictating she was suddenly interrupted by a voice ,”Excuse me ma’am...may I come in?”

“Why are you late?” asked the teacher sternly.

“Sorry ma’am .”

“Get in, what’s your name?”

Ok by now my back had started aching but I still couldn’t find that pencil. I decided to give up and just resurface on my desk and take a pencil from my friend.

And this never occurred to me five minutes ago. Thank you Monday.

As I got up and took my friend’s pencil, I saw the whole class with their pencils in their hand waiting for the teacher to continue, and the teacher looking at the human being that had just entered. She took off her raincoat and ruffled her shoulder level hair with her hand. Then she did something that would eventually turn my entire future life upside down.

She looked up.

Fair skinned with a slight tan, Straight dark brown hair wet with the rain. Dark , golden brown eyes smouldering with beauty, all in all the prettiest face on this planet. The teacher continued talking and the class continued taking down the time table, groaning at each subject they hated. She went and took her seat, and everything went back to normal.

Everything , that is, except me.

I was there with my mouth open with awe. My eyes wide with admiration .I had seen many pretty girls , and frankly she was half as pretty as them. But somehow she made that four chambered organ tear out of my rib cage and shoot to the skies. First I was breathless , then my breathing became heavy. I tried really very ,very hard but I just could not take my eyes off her. She was something else. I wanted to jump from my desk onto hers. But all I did was stare. And I did not take my eyes off her all day. Thankfully no one noticed that day since I was sitting in one corner of the class. But that day I went home , and for the first time in my entire life, I was waiting to go to school the next day. 

The End

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