A Sword in a Stone, the Lion King, a Palm Tree with Malicious Intentions

Because Ralph and Janey were tied by the ominous Yogurt of Fate, it followed that they must together make a long and perilous journey.  Since it was, you know, fate.  Cow-lactated fate with seven live active cultures.

Normally, it would have been impossible for Ralph to coerce his older brother into lending them a ride, but with the Voice of Pooh echoing in his brain, he was uncannily persuasive.  Joseph relented with a sigh, and the three of them began to prepare for their trip.  Ralph brought with him Almond Snickers bars.  Joseph brought illegal substances.  And Janey brought three magical seeds.

As it were, Joseph's vehicle was a dented, glaring-red Dodge pickup that he had inherited upon turning sixteen.  It was in excellent shape, considering its age, but its lack of seating space forced Janey into Ralph's unwelcoming eleven-year-old lap.  This presented quite a problem, since Janey insisted upon singing Lion King tunes at the top of her lungs for the duration of the ride.  Also, she brought her demonic balloon animal along with her, and it often wandered into the range of their groggy driver's vision, thus causing them several almost-wrecks.  The Winnie-the-Pooh Voice, slyly forceful and impossible to ignore, was the only thing that prevented Ralph from throwing himself out of the truck's window. 

By the time they pulled into the dusty parking lot of a Camelot-based theme park, it was nearly dusk.  They wondered if the park was still open.  Ralph and Janey ventured to the front gates and, sure enough, there were still about thirty minutes until closing time.

They had no idea as to what their purpose there was, but the fact was that they had both consumed the Yogurt of Fate, and so it was their destiny.  They entered the painted-gold metal gates, paid their fee, and began to wander.

Joseph loped irritably off in search of a restroom.

The first thing they came across was a giant slab of plastic, sculpted with bumps and crevices to resemble a real rock.  Jutting from it was a plastic sword that was not intended to be removed.  However, you could try for just five dollars!

As they walked they witnessed a number of marvels, including garishly clad young men, miserable-looking white horses, and cardboard castles. Despite the gaudy scenery and outfits, it was Ralph and Janey who were receiving strange looks.  A sorcerer in a starry top hat was eying their t-shirts and jeans with suspicious eyes, and ragged children looked up at them in alarm.  However, they did not stop to think of this.  Keep walking, instructed the Voice.

And then -- they were stopped.

The woman was shrouded in a thin black fabric, and her eyes quivered in their sockets.  She extended a wrinkled old hand to point at Janey.

"She's the one!  She has the Palm Tree Seeds!"

Janey looked dumbstruck.

The End

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