Setting the Scene

Well the dice have fallen, and what do they tell me? They tell me that this story is going to involve an escapee from the zoo, a school teacher obsessed with the word 'scrumptious', and a telepathic dog.

My job is to set the scene and hint at the ridiculous hilarity to come. I mean, think about the possibilities! And of course, for every new chapter, the dice must be rolled once more. If you would be so kind as to kiss them for luck before hand then we may be spared the far-fetched randomology of the human mind. And, one more thing, as intelligent and clever authors, it is our job to take such random features and weave them into a real story. Real characters, real situations and...well, perhaps they will get a tad bit ridiculous, but you know what I mean.

Well...take a deep breath; here we go.


Today, Ralph was taking his class on a field trip to the zoo. His level of excitement was positively overflowing, filling his shoes, running down the street, and causing people to slip. He should have had a sign on his back. Caution: Radioactive When Excited.

His students were throughly absorbed in their antics over being free from school for the day, and therefore, were somehow immune to Ralph's rebounding excitement.

"Now isn't this just scrumptious," he would continually exclaim to anyone nearby in a voice commonly reserved for the eccentric hermit's of the cult referred to as the High School Professors.

No one ever replied though. So he would elaborate by adding the scientific observation of: "I think it's scrumptious."

To say the least, this was going to be an eventful trip.

The End

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