Has To Be...


I look in the mirror yet again. I know my reflection hasn't changed, but this night has to be perfect. Everything has to perfect. I run a comb through my hair and start to practise my smile for the millionth time.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!


I snap my head towards the door, "Hello?"

"Are you ready yet?"

I run over my hair and smile at myself then call, "Yes, I'm coming." Yes, I'd been in the bathroom for just over two hours, this night has to be perfect. It had to be.

I quietly open the door and stare.

Renesme. Even though it has been three years after she'd hit the physical age of seventeen, her appearance hasn't changed. Chocolate brown hair in perfect curls, flowing down just passed her shoulders, with twinkling eyes to match. No makeup obstructed her face as she had the perfect skin complexion. She was wearing a midnight blue dress, hugging her curves, like a second skin, made of expensive satin and ended halfway down her thieghs. Alice has been over the decripsion so many times I have memorised it, it's a technical crepe mini dress with a draped flippy skirt.  Has wide asymmetric straps, a pleated bodice and flaired skirt ana a low back. A design by Alice, of course.

I whistle. "Nice."

She smiles. "Thanks."

I take her hand as I walk out of the Cullen's bathroom and down their winding staircase.

"Oh." Bella gasps in awe as we enter the kitchen where the Cullen family are waiting.

I glance from face to face. Bella, if vamps could cry, she would be wailing. Edward's face shows no emotion, just a blank sheet. Alice was smiling, as was Emmett, only his was more of a wide grin. Blondie's mouth was twitching at the corners and her left eye fluttered at the edge. Carlisle was still at work and Esme was at a cooking club - as me and Nessie still need to eat.She's so sweet.

Nessie was nervous, she tensed as we walked into the room, I squeeze her hand and say, "I won't keep her out too late tonight, Bells... I promise."

Bella smiles. "Thank you, Jake." Then she looks at Nessie, "You look beautiful... so grown up."

Nessie's whole aura was glowing. She looks up at me and whispers so low I don't think the vamps heard, "Can we go now?"

I smirk a little and then we turn tail and run through the house and out of the door.

I open the door into my Ferrari 430 Scuderia, that I got last christmas from Edward, (now my best friend in the whole world) for Nessie and then walk round the front of the car and clamber into the drivers seat.

"Can I drive?"

The End

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