Fairy Tales

I ran after Nessie an instant after she screamed. Flying through the thicket, adding scratches to the ones that already covered my arms, face and legs.

I came to the clearing a stopped. They were all there. Seth was stood next to Leah and Sam was with Emily. All the Cullens were stood in a seperate group Bella and Edward at the front, Nessie in their arms. Every single werewolf was there, Embry, Quil, Paul, Jared. Not one was missing.

I couldn't believe it. They were all alright, and happy. I ran to the werewolves and flung my arms around Emily. She was crying, I felt her sob in my embrace. Sam smiles.

I release Emily and I see horror on her face. She slowly turns into the wreck she was when I last saw her.

Home. Seems so far away.

The real world. Sucks like Hell.

I look at Sam and Seth they slowly fade into nothing. Gone.

"No!" I cry but no sound escapes my mouth.

Next the Cullens, they crumple into pieces on the floor. Gone.

Nessie is smiling, wrapped in her parents arms. The only happy scene here. I smile.

I look back at Emily. She's without Sam once more. Her eyes bloodshot and she's clutching her stomach. The baby. Tears form in my eyes, I start to scream. I don't understand what I'm saying, nothing makes sense.

I look to the far edge of the clearing. I see a girl, she's smiling at me. I look at her face, unbelievably beautiful, deep crimson eyes. Vampire.

I feel an unreal pain in my head. All goes black.

I wake up. Sweat has formed on my forehead. My head hurts.

Who was that girl? The Volturi?

I shrug it off, probably nothing. But so wierd.


I recognise Nessie's voice. "Yes?"

"Why were you shouting?"

"Bugger." I mutter under my breath.

"I heard that."

"Sorry. Just a bad dream."

"Oh!" She exclaims like she's solve a mystery. "Mummy shouts in her sleep too."

Still? "Yes..." I smile, "yes, she does."


"What time is it?" I ask softly, gently.

Nessie jumps onto the bed and into my arms. She's warm against my skin. I kiss her hair and wrap my arms around her.

"Some un-godly hour in the morning."

I chuckle. "Where aren't you asleep?"

"I couldn't."

"Where are your parents?"

"The clearing. Looking for Emmet's other leg, and bits and pieces of Esme." She shudders. "Creepy."

"Got that right... it's late. So try and get some sleep, okay?"

She yawns. "Goodnight Jacob." She whispers.

"Goodnight Nessie."

The End

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