What Are Friends For?

I hadn't moved in the past ten minutes. I hadn't spoken or blinked. I just stared at Emily's kitchen walls, hoping that it was all a dream; that Sam actually would come strolling through the door and kiss Emily.

I thought of the baby. The baby who would never know his father, just many Aunt's and Uncle's - well not so many now I guess. Seth and Sam gone, God knows who else.

"Jacob?" Emily whispers. "Breathe."

I let out a breath, I didn't know how long I'd been holding it.

Images start to skip through my brain, too fast for me to make any sense of them. I catch a glimpse of an image. It's Sam and Emily. They're smiling and holding their baby. More flashing images, then an image of Seth that then flickerd into Sue Clearwater. She'd lost her son after only just getting over the loss of Harry - her husband. I think my brain might overload. So much grief, so much loss, so much confusion.

I unfold Emily's arms from around me, stand up and say, "I have to go."

Emily nods and whispers, "I understand," tears forming in her eyes. "You'll come back, right?"

I smile, "Em... what are friends for?"

She laughs, a tear rolls out of her left eye.

I sigh. Reaching out to wipe away the tear, I murmer. "Em... I'll always be here for you. No matter what you need me for; a shoulder to cry on, a friend to trust, someone to just talk to. I'm here... always will be."

She smiles warmly at me. "You have no idea how much that means to me."

I chuckle softly. "Leah thinks of you, you know? She's there for you too - she's just too embarrassed to admit it.

Emily laughs again.

It's great to here laughter in this time of sorrow; especially from Emily.

I help her to her feet and she hugs me again. "Thanks for everything Jake."

I hold her at arms length, "you're welcome." I kiss her forehead and she opens the door for me.

Leah is still sat patiently outside on the dusty floor. She looks up at the sound of the door opening. I smile, she smiles back.

"Don't tell anyone Jake..." Emily whispers.

"I said you could trust me."

She smiles.

As I start walking over to Leah I hear the door shut behind me. I smile. That went well, me thinks.

"Well?" Leah asks, "what happened?"

I shurg. "Nothing."

She nudges me playfully with her elbow. "Tell..."

I look down at her. I hesitate. "No."

She lets out a exasperated sigh; or it could've been a groan. "Jacob!"

"Go and ask her yourself..."

She scoffs. "Be serious please Jake..."

"I am."

"She wouldn't talk to me in a million years..."

I look at her. "Yeah well... she talked to me."

Leah stopped talking, or I may have just tuned her out - I was getting good at that.

There was silence, all I could here was two pairs of footfalls on the ground.

Then so quiet I wasn't really sure it happened at all, I heard a voice. Sam's voice. He said two words.

Thank you.

The End

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