My brain was flooded with too much emotion; confusion, rage, pain, worry, sorrow. I need to get a grip on myself. I just can’t. Fear and desperate anger make my blood sting.

“Emily?” I say into the silence.

I felt Leah nod in my arms. “She's not talking to anyone at the moment... she would never in a million years talk to you of all people right now. But do you want to see her?”

I didn’t really know if I wanted to. But I needed to. I didn’t want to see the wreck she was, but I needed to help. I needed to hold her and tell her everything would be alright. Make her feel happy, like when Sam was still alive.

I nod. Hoping I didn’t regret it.


Emily is stood like a ghost in the doorway. I force myself not to gasp.

Emily. If Sam was here she would be smilling sending a pinkness to her soft cheeks, she would be wearing make-up and there wouldn’t be a hair out of place. She’d be laughing, cooking, joking.

But Sam wasn’t here anymore. So Emily’s face showed mascara smudges around her puffy eyes, obvious that she had been cryin recently. No smile on her face, no pinkness in her cheeks, she was one colour – pale. Pale meant hurt. Pale meant worry. Pale meant fear. Her hair was unbrushed, her scars across her face were inflamed, like they had just happened, and her house smelt like she hadn’t cooked for days.

She doesn’t smile or laugh when she sees me. She bursts into tears and slams the door closed.

I knock again, light this time. “Emily?” I say softly.

I could hear her heart-broken sobs through the wood of the door. “Go away.” She says harshly, so unlike her.

“Emily? Please?” I ask, tears forming in my eyes. “Can I come in?”

“Go away Jacob. Just go away.” She wails.

Leah puts her hand on my upper arm and tries to drag me away. No chance. I stand my ground.


“Please Jacob… just go.” She sobs.

“Why? Emily, I have to talk to you.”

She’s silent for a long moment. “No. Go away.”

“Emily… please.”

There’s a loud bang on the door. “No!” She screams. “I can see him on your face! In your eyes! I have to be reminded of him everytime I look in the mirror, I don’t need your help! I can manage fine on my own! I’m trying to forget!”

“No Em… don’t forget. Don’t ever, ever forget him.” I whisper.

“I have to.” She murmers.

I shake my head. “No you don’t. He wouldn’t want you to forget him. He wouldn’t want you to be sad, or angry. He would want you to be happy, and joyful of the precious moments you spent together.”

“Jacob…” Leah says, tugging gently on my arm. I turn and glare at her, her arm drops.


I hear a sniff. “Jacob… I am beggin you. Please go away.”

I was getting through to her. “I miss him too Em. He was like a brother to me. I can’t imagine how it feels to loose someone like that, but I know how I feel. We’re sharing the same pain here.I don’t want to know how you feel, and neither does Sam. He wouldn’t want you to feel like this. He’s gone, I know. But that doesn't mean he isn't in your heart… like there should be. Like he is in mine." I blink back my tears. “Please Em. Open the door.”

Silence. Shuffling. The door opens.

The End

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