I am awake. My eyes closed. There are fireworks going off inside my head. Ouch.

"Jake?" A voice says. "Jacob?"

I try to open my eyes but all they do is flutter. I close them again.

I hear a horrible, low groan; then I realise it came from me.

"Jacob!" The voice was excited now, I felt arms wrap around me and squeeze tightly.


The arms immediately retract, "Oh, sorry."

I try to open my eyes again. Light seeps in between the slits, I gasp in pain. "Where am I?"

"You don't recognise it?"

I look around the room stiffly. My neck aches.

I did recognise it. The bed that fills the whole room. I smile. My room. In my house. On my reservation. Home.

Laughter suddenly fills the room. I follow it.

"Leah?" I ask. My voice still croaky and cracking.

She nods. Her shiny black hair shakes elegantly at the movement. On her face she wears a happy smile but her eyes tell me something different. Sadness. Worry.

She was alive, but Sam wasn't.

Sam. She loved Sam. Damn.

"Leah..." I reach out sympathetically.

Her smile turns into a scowl. "Don't. I don't need it from anyone especially you."

I lean back up again the pillows. "Fine. But you shouldn't bottle up your feelings like this."

"I'm not!"

I chuckle. "You haven't changed one bit Leah."

She scoffs. "Yeah, ditto."

I have to admit, putting on a brave face and facing the world without your one and only love, is really something. Even for Leah.

"So... hows Seth?"

Her face is blank.

Oh no.

"You don't know do you?" She whispers.

I think I might. I shake my head.

Leah doesn't meet my eyes. "He's... he's dead."

I put my head in my hands. Seth was like my own little brother, I never imagined life without him. "What the hell happened here?"

Leah shurgged.

I growled. "Why will no one explain to me? It's not my fault I was told to abandon you and save Nessie. It really isn't! I would just like to know, what the hell went on!"

"Well, the one person who could've told you isn't here anymore. That's not my fault!" She screamed, tears forming in her eyes.


I've never seen Leah cry. Not ever.

I wrap my arms comfortingly around her. "I'm really sorry about Sam, Leah. But you can't keep putting on a smile when your eyes say differently."

She looks up at me, I wipe away a tear that's rolling across her cheek, "It's not Sam, Jacob. It was never Sam. Not anymore. He's gone. I'm not crying about Sam."

I can almost see the confusion on my face. "You're not?"

She stiffles a sob. "No... it's Emily."

The End

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