I stare in horror at the tables before me. I can't stand the beeping of the many machines in the room.

One one table is the head, neck, shoulders and left leg of Emmett, all seperate on the table together - his eyes were open; and he was... breathing. He was alive.

Next my eyes went over to Rosealie... or what was left. Just her torso and legs, a few fingers and her head, laid out the same as Emmett. I swallow. She was alive too.

Esme. Her body was almost complete, just missing her arms - other than that; breathing with her eyes open.

When we had first entered the room Carlisle was stood over Jasper's head, torso and right arm; he saw us he rushed over to me and gave me a manly, but comforting, handshake and then he picked up Nessie and kissed her forehead.

I watch now as Edward places a pile of body parts onto a seperate table. I understand what they're doing, they are going to put the family back together - literally.

I feel sick. All these body piece's laid out like it was everyday life. I really, really, feel ill.

"Jake man... you okay? You look as if you're about to pass out?" I look up to see Emmett smiling.

He was actually talking! How in hells name could this happen? Impossible. I really feel woosy. My world starts to spin around me. The next thing I knew; someone inside my head turned out the light.

The End

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