What Could Have Been There

I had almost forgot how pale they were. How deadly looking. Their stench was almost welcoming.

A lump rises in my throat as I look down at the bodies of my pack and friends, then I look back up into three pairs of golden eyes. I swallow and try to speak, no words escape my lips.

I fall to my knees astonished. This can't be. Nessie is stood like a marble statue beside me, just as shocked as I am, just as amazed. She is the first to speak, "Daddy?" She croaks.

He smiles.

She sobs tears of joy, "Mommy? Auntie Alice?"

They, stood with their arms linked, smile at her too. If they could cry, there would be many tears - from all three of them.

Bella is more beautiful than I remember, even though she hasn't changed. Her brunette hair shining elegantly in the sun is a perfect picture, the perfect image.

Alice, I can't believe someone so dinky can still be alive. Her hair twitches slightly in the wind and she can't seem to stop grinning.

Edward. Ah, Edward. Same old, same old.

Tears fee from my eyes as Bella sets her eyes on me. She's still my Bella. I stumble clumsily to my feet and rush to her and fling my arms around her, sobbing like a child.

"Jacob..." She whispers, "Thank you."

I hug her tighter and murmer. "Anytime."

"Daddy!" Nessie squeals, all shock gone. She leaps into his arms and he spins her round in the air until she giggles.

They could all have been dead. Every single one of them. Like half of my pack. I see Sam lying crippled behind Bella, a heart-broken wail rises from my chest. Not Sam, anybody but Sam.

Bella releases me and Alice is now holding Nessie on her hip. Laughing and smiling.

"What happened?" I ask.

Bella looks down at Sam's body behind her. "I'll show you."

The End

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