Is Anybody Home?

"Bella?" I call as I open the door to the Cullen's house. "Edward?"

I put Nessie down and she calls, "Aunt Alice? Is there anybody here?"

I flick the main switch for the lights. "Carlisle?" I look around the room. Dust everywhere. They haven't been here for a while. Nessie joins me. "Do you want to check your house?" I ask.

"They won't be there." She shrugs, I can see tears in her eyes.

I wrap my arms tightly around her. "You don't know that. Come on. If you're wrong, I get to hug Bella - I mean, you're mom, first."

She smiles. "Deal."

"You're on." I laugh and we rush out of the door together, hand in hand, and through the forest to Bella's cottage.

"What if you're wrong?" Nessie asks before I walk up the garden path, "What happens if you're wrong?"

I shake my head. "I'm not going to be wrong. I promise. They'll be here in Forks or down at the Reservation or somewhere. They have to be. If not, we'll ask around. Fair deal?"

"What if they're dead?"

The words cut through me like ice. "You'll come and live with me and Billy, on the Reservation."

Nessie slowly leads me up the path and pushes gently on the door. It swings open with a creak. "Mom? Dad? Aunt Rosalie?"

"Emmett?" I call.

"They're not here either."

I think.

"Let's try the clearing."

"The battle clearing?"

I nod. Shivering at what could still be there.


Slower this time, we walk in the direction of where we last saw our families and friends. They'll be here. Dead or alive... they have to be here.

Nessie runs ahead. I carry on dawdling behind her. What is waiting for me at the battle scene? The remains of my friends? The dead bodies of my pack?

I shudder. Don't think about it. Stop panicing.

Nessie screams. My head snaps up. Not again. No one is taking her - not again.

I sprint through the trees as fast as my human legs could carry me. "Nessie!" I yell at the top of my lungs. I break through the branches and out into the clearing.

I stop. I can't believe it. No way.

The End

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