Running in wolf form is so much quicker and easier than running in human form. I figured this out the hard way of course. Even though I kind of already knew, but human legs have never carried me so fast.

Nessie is almost within arms reach, if I morphed back into a human they'd be too far ahead of me to catch. But she had my Nessie. Forcing my legs to move faster, I gain a meter or so. I morph, grabbing out with my left hand.

I feel her finger tips on mine.

Damn. Not close enough.

"Jake." She wimpers. "Please."

I see the desperation in her eyes, the trust. I couldn't let that down. Not now.

I'm keeping pace with the vampire childnapper, thank goodness. But I'm getting tired, and fast. Whatever I plan to do, I have to do it now. Again I try to grab Nessie's forearm, and again I miss. This can't be happening, not to me; not to Nessie.

I couldn't. I was falling behind. My aching legs refuse to go any further. I look up into her face and see Bella and Edward. Bella's eyes and Edward's mouth and attractiveness. Just a child. What did Huilen want with my baby?

"Jacob." Nessie whispers, tears flowing like wild rapid across her cheeks.

"I'm coming Nessie." I dart at full speed after the pair, grab Nessie and round kick the theiving vampire. "That's the last time you steal from me, and Carlilse." I growl. Then I turn, morph and lope away - heading towards the airport out of here.

The End

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