"Just more of your race dog." Nahuel sneers.

Frozen for a split second, not being able to speak, I think of who I've lost. Sam? Leah? Seth? Quil? Embry? There is nothing inside. Nothingness is possibly worse than sadness, despair, pain, all of the things that I should be feeling. I just sit here, my eyes wide, my entire body shaking, feeling nothing. I can't believe it. Nessie nudges me gently, I snarl. "Watch it!"

"Jake." Nessie whispers for only me to hear, then speaks to the vampires, "anyone else? What about us? Our race?" I just heard the urgancy in her voice.

Huilen shurgs. "We fled too soon."

"So they're still alive then?" Nessie's face lights up.

The vampire smiles, "I hope so child. I hope so."

"Wait..." Nessie looks up into my eyes, I smile reasureingly at her; this must be as difficult for her as it is for me. "You left? You actually left your so called "friends" in a time of need? How could you?"

Huilen glares at me, then her smooth face becomes emotionless. "The same reason you left. Protection."

"Yeah right." I scoff, "who were you "protecting" then?"

"Me I think you'll find." Nahuel says.

"And what's so special about you?" I sneer.

"Jacob..." Nessie murmers.

Nahuel is quiet.

I grin harshly, "That's what I thought. Cowards."

"We are no cowards." Nahuel screams and lunges at me.

Without a second thought I throw Nessie away from me - protecting her at all costs - just as Nahuel knocks me backwards so I lay on my back.

"You know nothing!" He growls, putting his hands to my throat, "and you're going to die."

The End

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