"Soon Nessie." I sigh. "Soon."

"But I'm bored!"

"Only a few more days. We fly back on Saturday morning."

She groans. "That's four days away! Four whole days."

"Nessie." I snap. "Don't you understand how important it is we don't go back to soon? The Volturi are trying to kill you. Your mother put me in charge until we get back. I have to protect you. Do you understand?"

Tears begin to roll down her cheeks. She nods.

I close my eyes. "Nessie... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap."

She crawls onto my lap. "I'm sorry too."

I hear a rustling sound. Coming from my left. I snap my head up. I hear it again. So does Nessie.

"What was that?" She whispers.

"Shh." I hold her closer to me. One arm around her, one hand on our backpack. Ready for a quick get away.

The rustling's closer now. Irritating me. Hurry up and leap out of the bush whatever you are.

" - I think we could've helped more. I mean, they were all being slaughtered... not nice to watch."

"No. We can't blame ourselves for leaving Carlisle. No matter how bad we feel." Two utterly gorgeous people walk out into the clearing. One a man, looking about seventeen, maybe older and the other a woman.

I get ready to run, but they've already spotted us.

The woman says. "And who are you?"

Before I can stop her Nessie is already saying. "I'm Renesme... and this is my protector and friend Jacob."

They upturn their noses and grimace. The young man says. "Werewolf."

"Got a problem with that?" I snarl. "Vampire."

"What if we do?" He continues, "what can you do to us?"

"Alot more than you think." Ahh. I think. Such modesty.

"Yeah right."

"Yeah." I growl. Deep and threatening.

He lowers to the ground and bares his teeth.

"Stop it!" Nessie shrieks. "No!"

I stop. Clutching her and the backpack tightly I stand up.

"You know Carlisle?" Nessie says as I'm about to turn.

The woman smiles. "Yes. What about it?"

"He's my grandpa."

Both vamps are stunned. Shock showing on their faces. "You're the Renesme. The little half-human half-vampire girl everyone was fighting over?"

She nods. "Yes."

"How did you escape?"

"Jacob and I left when my mother told us to. Avoiding the fight."

"Hang on." I say. "How do you know so much about us?"

"We went to the fight. Alice Cullen came for us. She said she needed our help."

"Who are you?" I ask.

"I am Nahuel. This is my Aunt Huilen. Friends of Carlisle and his family."

"You were there when The Volturi attacked my family?"

"Yes." His voice turns suddenly grave.

"Tell me what happened to my family?"

"When we were there... your family, both of them," he looked at me, "were being slaughtered. Three or four already dead."

"Who? Who was dead?" I can't deguise the panic in my voice.

The End

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