Far too busy. I hate all the people that stare at you. Just because you look different or have dirty clothes.

In my hand I held Nessie's backpack, that had contained my clothes. Now I was wearing them. In the other hand I held Nessie herself. She clutched tightly to me, her eye darting this way and that. Of course this was all new to her. Of course she was afraid.

Tickets. We needed tickets. Bella hadn't thought of that one. But thankfully she'd given us far too much money, so we could buy tickets there; and back. Return tickets. We would be returning. If it killed us or not. We need to know if our family are alive.

I have also decided that I hate planes. They make me feel all queezy and make my ears pop. Not nice. Nessie slept for the plane ride. She should think herself as lucky. Apart from the fact she woke up screaming several times. But comforting her was not an issue.

Rio de Janeiro. I hope Bella thought that this was far enough. Shut up Jacob. She wouldn't send you, her best friend, and Nessie, her only daughter, to someplace she didn't think was safe.

I can't speak a word of Portugease. So socialising is out. We're only staying for a few days. I think then maybe things will have calmed down back home.

Bella, I'm missing her. She really wanted to keep her daughter safe. And me; Nessie's escort.

Bella. She had better be alive.

The End

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