Long Rest

I'd found a cave, sort of, for us to rest for the night in.

One. I couldn't run anymore. It had gotten to the point where I'd lost so much energy, I couldn't even think.

Two. It was raining. I love running in the rai, even though it blinded me, matted my fur and blurred my visio; it reminded me of home, of Forks. Made me remember, made me feel free and wild; with no rules to follow. But Nessie hated the rain for almost exactly the same reason. She missed her family and didn't want to remember Forks, she was trying to forget.

But we were drying off now, safe inside a cave. A warm, safe cave. I wasn't tired but Nessie was always exhausted, it's hard work worrying, it's hard work trying to forget. The cave is dark, I'm leaning up against a stone wall, with my eyes closed.

A tiny, little voice speaks out to me. "Jake?"

I open my eyes. "Yes Nessie?"

She hesitated. Whatever she was going to say, was something she didn't want to show me through her gift, but was something that she had to tell me, through words. Boy, this was going to be difficult for her. Before the words left her mouth I knew what she was going to ask. "Will I ever see my parents again?"

I sigh and gently push a dripping strand of hair back from her face. "I hope so. I really, really hope so."

"What are we going to do?" I heard the sobs break out.

"Don't cry. Everything's going to be alright." Doing my best to calm her, I place her on my lap and begin to rock her. "I won't let anything happen to you."

She places a hand on my cheek, closes her eyes and shows me and image of her parents. Of her family. All laughing and smiling.

Tears sting my eyes. I can't cry infront of her. I won't let myself cry infront of her. I have to show her that I am as strong as she thought.

"I miss them too Nessie." I say, hugging her tight. "I miss them too."

"You won't abandon me like them will you?"

"No. Nessie don't think like that. You know they love you. You know that's why they sent you away. To protect you. They haven't abandoned you. They will never abandon you." I kiss her forehead. "And neither will I."


I swear. "Promise."

"Goodnight Jacob."

"Goodnight Nessie."

The End

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