Setting Sun

The Volturi came for Renesme in Breaking Dawn. This is a rewrite where Jacob and Renesme leave when Bella asks them to. Not knowing if their family would still be there when they returned. It's the day after the fight, but Jacob knows The Volturi are still after his Imprint so they continue to travel to Rio de Janeiro and wait until they hear news of the vampires and werewolf pack. Or is it too late? Written in Jacob's point of view.

I didn't know wether we had run far enough. I want to be sure we were safe. I know The Volturi won't stop until they had my Nessie. She was something they would never get. Not if I could help it, anyway.

Nessie hasn't said a word for the whole journey. I'd stopped often, just to ask her if she was okay. She would only nod or cry, sometimes both. I can't bare to see her like this. I just want her to be alright, free and feel everything she's meant to. Not all this hurt, pain, sorrow. Things little girls of her age should feel.

Bella. Good God I hope she's alright. Along with Edward and their family. They had looked after me in a time of need, helped me get back on my feet. I know, I know. I shouldn't have let them grow on me like they have, but the truth is; I don't see anything wrong with vamps.  Especially little Alice. They could be fighting for their lives right now. They all could already be dead. But then again so could The Volturi.

Nessie is sobbing again. I knew she can't help it. She'd just lost all that was dear to her, she might not ever see them again. I have also lost my pack and my 'extended family'. Maybe forever.

We just want to be with them again. Nessie and I. We almost can't stand being apart from them. I could try and keep in contact with the rest of the pack. But I'm sure at least one of The Volturi can read minds. Best not take that chance.

Being with them is all we want. All we can think about right now. All we need. We want our family. No one can take that from us.

Not even death could take that away.

The End

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