Home or His?

We cleared away the picnic stuff eventually and I made him hold the picnic basket it his one hand and he held me in his other.  At first I stumbled a bit because I wasn't used to walking clinging on to someone but he helped me by taking smaller strolls.

At first we didn't go straight home, we walked around the block a bit just chatting about school and the usual things.  It was good with him because he could actually talk to me, you know, really talk to me.  I decided to subtlely take control and I lead us away from the way to of my house, not in a particular direction just far, far away.

"Can we stay away from my house for a bit?  I mean my mum is so... urrr.  I just want some freedom."

He stopped me and then took both of my hands into his hands and looked into my eyes.  "We can do what ever you want," he said and then kissed my cheek. 

I just closed my eyes and dreamt for a second and felt the warmth coming from his lips.  "Can we go to your house for a bit, I mean until my mum goes to bed or something.

"Yeah, sure."

We stumbled into his house and I ended up letting each other's hand go out of awareness for this new environment.  He introduced me to his dad who raised his eyebrow at me in a way that I couldn't really understand.  We went to his room.  I liked his room.  It was cosy and roomy.  He didn't have any posters on the wall but the paint was in colours where the wall didn't feel empty.  We talked for hours and hours but my eyes started drooping and I got tired.  I lay my head against his chest and eventually fell asleep.

The End

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