Playfight, Foodfight, Fun.

Holding my hand, he lead me to the park.  The sun was still up and bright and shining on the horizon.  I saw he had tidied his hair a little and he was wearing a smart shirt with his skinnies.  He had a nice arse...  My mind wandered...

He let go of my hand and then we sat on the grass.  The grass was wet, I whined.  I got up again.  He stood up and grabbed me by the waist and swung me around.  "You're so light," he said effortlessly.  It felt so nice to be close to him.  He put my feet on the floor and I grabbed his neck to face me and then I put our noses together, I was just playing with him though.

Although, he was so so tempting.

He grabbed my hips and spun he round and then I don't know how but he managed me to be sitting on his lap and him to be sitting on the grass.  "Better?"  I felt so comfortable with him.  Yes, I felt a sudden urge.  I kept most of it in and just kissed his cheek.

"Thank you."

"Okay," he said putting one of his hands around both of my eyes.  I liked it.  "I hope you're not allergic to anything."  Luckily I wasn't and stated so.  "Okay, guess what this is?" he said and then later added "Rebel."

He gave me what I thought was Ferrero Rocher.  "Oooh, classy," I stressed the 'a' so I sounded posh.  We went through various fruits and chocolate and then a mint, which I found bizarre.  He finally took his hand off my face and turned it towards him.  "Do you want to help me with my chemistry homework tomorrow?"

I looked at him confused and surprised, then he kissed me.  This time it was passionately and he put a hand on my neck and one on my back.  I now realised the reason he had but the mint in my mouth.  Clever boy.  Ah, that type of chemistry...

He then pulled away and grabbed both my hands and pulled me up.  I thought it was type to have some fun...  "Food fight!" I yelled to him and then I grabbed a handful of peanuts and I threw them at me.  He laughed and then threw Maltesers at me.

I ended up with crisps and chocolate in my hair and he had sweety bits and watermelon seeds.  I laughed pulling bits from his hair.  We packed everything away pack into  the picnic basket and we walked away from the park hand in hand.  I wanted this never to end.

The End

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