Nerves kick in.

Damn it.

I stabbed myself in the eye with the eyeliner again.  It's a relief eyes can't bleed, as far as I'm concerned anyway.  I looked in the mirror again, my eye was sore.  I hate mirrors hence the reason why  I never keep them in my room.  I had to go in the bathroom and then there was a queue because my mum had to have a shower and for some reason wouldn't just let me use the mirror in her room.  Weird.  Most of the time I just ignore her weird behaviour.  It's not that I don't care but whenever I mention it she just gets annoyed.

This time it really peed me off.  Luckily, I'd had a shower this morning.  I had been trying for half an hour just to apply this stupid eyeliner!  I made sure my eyes didn't look smudged after a wiped the odd lines that were around my eyes off.  I decided I would walk to his house, he hadn't really defined where we were meeting, he just said to meet him at six.

I puckered my lips up for a final time and brushed my teeth again.  I dragged myself in my friend's high heels down the stairs.  I sat on the stairs then pulled the beasts off and put on some me shoes.  Pfffft.  High heels.  As if I could pull that off!

I shouted to my mum that I was leaving and then left without a reply.  I didn't have to stumble far down the hill to find him, looking up at me grinning.  The sun shining behind him.  His skin glowing beautifully.  He was too good to be true.  How could I deserve him?  My stomach knotted up and flipped at the same time but then I remember the advice I had been told.  Smile.

The End

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