Dressing Myself Up

I called up my freind. I deperatly needed her help.

The dial tone beeped in my ear before it started ringing. I contemplated what the hell I was going to say. I didn't get much time to ponder this as she picked up almost immediatly. She was never without her phone. It was like an addiction I never understood.

"Hola!" The chirpy voice piped down the phone as always.

"Uh, hey. What are you doing?"

"Drying my nails. Oh you'll never guess what! Today...." She started babling on about the georgeous guy she met today. As usual he was tall dark funny and caring. "Anyhow I got his number and I'm contemplating leaving him a week or two before texting him. So what have you been doing, studying?" Ha this would shock her.

"Actually I left the house this morning I met this georgeous guy and we kissed." I grinned waiting for her resonse. Elaborating or keeping people guessing was not my strong point.

"OH MY GAWD! HUN! When do you next see him?"

"Uh well thats the problem. I've got nothing to wear." She quickly instructed me on what I needed to wear. Something cute to match my smile and something that hinted my curves a little without being slagish, or he would just think I was up for it. I suddenly felt like I was being interogated about him. Not one detail escaped her.

"So what was the kiss like?" I could feel her leaning into the phone with excitment.

Thats where it got bad. Her first kiss had also been with a smoker, so I was sure she understood. He had tasted a bit like mint and fags but he was a good kisser still. A small smile escaped my lips.

"Do not let this one go hun! Make sure you tell me everything!Night" She blew kisses down the phone before finally hanging up so I could get some beauty sleep. I was now really really excited. What if this was my break, my big transformation.

I finally chose my outfit. For the first time in years I felt so good about myself. If this was how the life was I was liking it.

F*ck A*s I could settle with A's or B's couldn't I! ... No A's.

The End

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